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2006 Rolex 24hr Pictures

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Pictures from my annual treck to the Rolex 24hr in Daytona Beach, PCA had a huge showing this year, turbo's dime a dozen down there, few Ford GT's, Carerra GT, no Enzo's this year (there were 2 last year). Overall, some of the best weather I have had while down there and one of the biggest turn outs yet.
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nicceeee looks like fun!
I was there between around 3pm and 7pm. When I pulled into the Daytona area I saw a Carrera GT and a Ferrari pulling out of the infield area. It was one of the new ones not the F40, or 50 but it had the same tailights. Not sure if it was the newest model but beautiful nevertheless. I also saw a real cherry MkII Turbo red in the infield parking lot. Sitting at the end of the oval where it enters the infield portion was simply awesome. Seeing several cars trying to outbrake each other while braking and entering that turn was magic.
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