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1st Annual NE MR2OC POT LUCK BBQ - June 2nd

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Pot Luck BBQ meet up June 2nd to get things started right. Watchung Reservation, great twisties getting there, easy to get to from 78/Parkway/Turnpike.Watchung Reservation
Skytop Drive has 3 Grills and 8 Picnic tables. Oh and the road has a few twisties. :thumbup
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Mad h o m o ^^
:( next page, now my joke looks stupid
Sun came out . I guess weather is not going to be an issue. :)
I have to work today and tomorrow, sorry guys, no KFC for now.Lol!
Plugs this in the gps

W R Tracy Dr
Mountainside‎ New Jersey‎ 07092
United States
i'll be little late...gotta buy stuff for my son
Good meet guys gotta do it again
ZeNo said:
Good meet guys gotta do it again
yessir, fun day! :thumbup
Good times. Maybe another one in the middle of summer?
Thanks for organizing the event. Can't believe my right shoulder is sore from the game. Good times.
Just a few pics

And of course, my candied maple bacon weaved Jack Daniels Steak :) Just for the hell of it.

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looked like fun. I was in NYC all day or i woulda came. that steak looked awesome..meat, fat, and booze! mmmmm
I left my sunglasses on the picnic table, did anyone happen to see them?
101 - 116 of 116 Posts
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