I thought I made a for-sale post here. Then I couldn't find it. Anywhere here she is, lil Garage Queen.

Looking to sell my little weekend sports car to get back into real estate projects.
Parts list in paragraph form: If you know you know.

Frankenstein Motorworks Intake MAF pipe ECU Headers Motor Mounts spherical bearing shift cables ends axle carrier bracket 2 - Plug ECU brackets Wilhelm Raceworks Intake Silicone Elbow Y pipe Custom Fuel line + Regulator Oil Pan Baffle Steering Column Plate Prime MR2 Radiator + dual Fans Fuel Filter Axle Seals for E153 Fuel Pump - Walbro 255 + Install kit Slave cylinder TCS Motorsports Axle Stub Shaft 2GR Swap Radiator lines 1GR AC Compressor line Electric Speedometer gear x3 MR2 Heaven Clutchmasters FX200 Fidanza 130881 NEW - OEM Flywheel bolts Undercar plastics Front Bob808 Coilovers Custom Strut Bar 1 of 25 Rat2 Stainless Hardware kit Maintainance Valve Cover Gasket Oil Pan gasket Water neck gasket VVTI Oil cooler hardline Spark Plugs NGK 6619 Iridium Wheels Volks 17x8 +35 , 17x9 +35 Exhaust New Berk Twin Cans Painted Cosmos Schwartz Black.

As time goes by ill probably keep adding some final touches to finish off the project as it sits in my garage.
I Have Fog lights in a box somewhere in my garage and a couple of interior bits. Anyway, great car no expense was spared in the build.

Price: $22,999.00+Shipping / Handling of your choice unless you pick it up and drive it wherever.

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