Hello, First time posting so let me tell you what I have... I owned an import car repair shop and had a customer come in with a 1991 MR2 Turbo with a slight rod bearing noise-noteworthy it was running and NOT blown up. (approx year -2001-2002). I sourced a low mileage used engine assembly and swapped out the engine complete, but reinstalled his turbo as it was an upgrade. Customer wanted everything saved and I stored for him, years and years passed, owner has passed away and I have the take out engine with rod bearing noise and the turbo assembly from the low mileage replacement engine (sorry, I do not remember mileage or have saved invoice) So... I have all the engine longblock plus extra parts, turbo assembly, wiring harness, etc available for sale. I would sell complete or sell turbo, wiring, and misc parts individually depending on what interest I get... I am happy to text pictures and ship, just text me at 502-303-6836. Just state MR2 in text and specifics to what you need, as I'm selling various other stuff from shop.
Thanks for interest,
Mike Winebrenner
502 303 6836 phone text -eastern time zone
[email protected]