I got for sale my beloved tin top MR2 SW20 for £2000 and I believe it's a very got price cosidering it's chassis condition (as it's difficult to find one not having rust problems).
I had few of them in past with different engines (2 has died on rust - it won't be the case of this one if You maintain it properly), but that's the one I alwys liked the most regardless of it's faded paintwork (I'm more performance guy and it look never really bothered me, it's still a head turner even as is). When I awas omparing it to rev1 UK and rev 3 (had them at once) it felt stronger on bottom revs then the 2 others. Rev 3 got a bit better lubrication channels so spins up higher therefore got 4hp more peak power, although on the road more kick fromlow revs is what You need.
I welded on it both sides seals and frontt antiroll bar mounts, it's got a bit of rust in boot (usual stuff for any SW20's), but cured and is not progressing.
It had a towing bar fitted - just taken off. You may want it's reg plate back to where it was. BTW I got for sale Rev 6replica lights - can sell them separate in case You want to move the reg plate - it looks amazing once painted in black - like 90's Ferraris (although I'm not a big fan of Ferrari kits, the lights look good)
Driver seat is torn and driver door got some bubbling on the bottom. I got spare doors that can come with it. Passenger side doors was already replaced. My intention was to fix the oryginal doors as they are a bit lighter than 1992+
It would benefit from some cosmetic job (mainly overall polish), but it's overall a good car (especailly considering it's age - it's nearly 30y old and still much better than many 5y old cars ! It's been garaged for most of it's life. I got it since 2015 and dove it maybe just 3 complete years.

It had all brake pads recently replaced and front calippers sliders.
Shocks are all working with no leaks. It's got lowered Bilstain springs.

It's been welded properly like rally cars - certainly not a quick spot welding fix. Ittook me a lot of effort to bring it back to good condition.
It had recently sorted cams cover gasket, cleaned alternator and welded flexi section.

To be ccollected from BN2 6RS ASAP - must go before end of the month !