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Up for sale is my Blue 1991 Toyota Mr2 Turbo 126333 Miles. It Has Every bolt on besides a turbo (Blown Ct27), Intake manifold, and exhaust manifold. It would be good for an engine swap. But it has a good bit of parts so ill give the entire car some time before i part it for what i can.

What happened: I recently replaced my cracked 3 inch dp with a Berk dp. As most know you have to loosen the dipstick tube to do that job. Everything was fine for a while but with road vibration and noise vibration (electronic cutout on the b-pipe) the bolt on the dipstick tube wiggled free. So with crankcase pressure and no bolt holding the dipstick in place, it flopped loose and all my oil came out which caused the turbo to blow and the engine to seize 3 or so seconds later. I was on my way to class (automotive student in tech school) at 17 psi at the time boosting up from 40mph to get on the highway when the turbo let go right when i changed gears. as i was pulling off the highway due to the smoke screen i just gave everybody including a cop my engine cut out and made a clang sound, i tried to start it up one time just to see and it wont turn over.
When i was checking everything out i went to pull the dipstick tube and it just pulled out tube and all. it was already out just barely hanging there. The bolt is gone completely.
Im asking $1300 OBO for the entire car.

Parts list:
K/N Cone Filter
Stock AFM
KO racing intake pipe
ATS CT27 (blown)
Racer X sidemount intercooler kit
RFL Atmospheric Bov
ATS Throttle body inlet
Berk 3in Dp
Clutch masters stage 3 clutch with ACT light weight flywheel
3in KO Racing Bpipe with Badlanz hpe electronic cutout
CUSTOM Racer x Dual exhaust using 2 vibrant performance straight thru resonators instead of mufflers. ( i kept it open dp majority of the time i closed it to stop getting hate mail from the neighbors)
235 60 14 on the rear
Plasti dipped black stock wheels
Prosport Manual boost gauge with backlighting (from twos r us)
shift nob and boot from pep boys
Manual boost controller
17% Tint

The Bad:
Blown turbo
seized (im pretty sure as it wont turn over) engine
2 rips on drivers seat
Rip on drivers door (elbow)
Drivers side needs a window regulator
Drivers door look bound (turn key and open door at the same time)
Tachometer doesnt work
Motor for electronic cutout burned out (i have another just never installed it because u dont have to lift the car to close it manually just reached under and pushed the door shut)

$1300 OBO


Tape on the pipes for the intercooler is where out of OCD i taped it because i figured those areas might try to rub some day. (the cross-member did rub a little but just on the tape)
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