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1989 MK1.5, Recaro SRDs, AEM EMS, coilovers, 18" wheels, endless engine mods... $5k

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Yup. Finally happened. I knew I'd never get to drive the damn car...

(I could type all day since I've owned this car for over 10 years lol)

TLDR: Car needs assembly. Motor is hanging in the bay. Tons of $$$$ parts.

Up for sale is my 89 MR2. The car that brought me to this forum so many years ago.

Located in central MA.

Had a 20v on Megasquirt in this thing till that went (tuning issues), then the car was stripped to a shell in 2009 & fully rebuilt/painted at more than my asking price. Had a used 16v put back in that developed rod knock 200 miles later. Since it was a new clutch I can assure you I hadn't beat on it... just my usual luck. That was the last time I drove the car.

After that the motor was pulled in 2011 and a built 3sgte was dropped in place. Then it sat for another year resting in the garage.

The car had been sitting a shop stripped back down (this time frunk/trunk/interior is removed NOTHING was cut or broken!) waiting for the full re-wire (was going to remove the AC/heat, lots of audio, and the 3s swap so custom harness was easier) and I just can't afford to do it at this point in my life.

The car was nearly completed. All that needed to be done was the engine wiring/plumbing but I wasn't happy with the paint and wanted the car done one last time exactly perfect to what I envisioned. Big problem with OCD people when it comes to custom things and lack of funding.

Absolutely everything is included except a few things (noted below) and the car could be put back together with little more than lots of blood/sweat/tears. Mounts are already in the car (SpeedSource jigged), swap axles included (91 Camry V6 with turbo stubs), 89 16v harness, 3s harness that came with it, and the AEM EMS to run it all.

Highlights (most of which with zero or nearly no miles): 18x8" Axis wheels, Nardi deep corn wheel in suede, Recaro SRD seats in suede, F2 coilovers, custom body parts (KD garage carbon lip, KD garage carbon trunk, VIS hood (cracked in two spots, fill & paint would fix), SC engine lid, custom stock spoiler, shaved marker lights and door handles w/poppers, Kaminari rear lip, etc), KAAZ 1.5 way LSD, ACT TM1-TXR6 Level 4 extreme pressure plate & 6 puck disk, Fidanza flywheel, Cusco strut braces front & rear, powdercoated calipers, ST brake brace, TRD shift boot, TRD short shift, full Prothane kit, TwosRus rear tie rods, ST sway bars, Painless headlight harness upgrade, and tons more.

Motor is a is a 93 JDM 3sgte with a Greddy TD06 kit, Swain Tech coated JE pistons, Blitz 850cc injectors, HKS 2201-RT014 valve springs, HKS 2301-RT034 metal head gasket, HKS 2204-RT001 adjustable cam gears, HKS 2202-RT063 264 Intake cam, HKS 2202-RT064 264 Exhaust cam, HKS 1405-RA024 external wastegate, Pro Performance shimless bucket conversion, Pro Performance titanium valve spring retainers, all ARP hardware, Toyota OEM: idler, HFH, HFH2, t-stat, oil pump, tensioner, gasket set, crank bearings. Heavily ported intake (was cut into four pieces to do it!), block wass fully blueprinted and balanced, headwork including 5 angle valve job, microfinished deck, etc.

Everything on the car is new really. I don't think there was anything that didn't work or was worn at all. Sunroof model, power windows/locks/mirrors. Cruise deleted (installed cruiseless column plastics). AC was fully functional but that's moot now. All lights and such worked 100%.

Does not include the sound system or any exhaust besides the header/downpipe. I believe I sold the gauge cluster too since the reverse-glow was so played out. Side scoop was sold off and really didn't fit the car's look anyways. Too round.

I'm asking $5000 cash for it. No haggling, no trades, no deals. $5k period. More than that in the motor or the body alone. Keeping it to finish someday.

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And as she sits now:

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aw not even one reply?

anyone have a garage i can stick it in a few years? lol

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Put it in storage and just hold onto it.. Someone will look for it one day..
If you don't sell it as a whole.. I would be interested in the rear lip.... just saying..
Finally it's in storage... I'll get back to it someday :)

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no it's back in ma till I can haul it out to az.
Hopefully no one would ever see this on StorageWars!! LOL ...All though it'll be a great find for someone that knows MR's.
Bump. I'd still sell it. Nothing has changed other than layers of dust...
Love it. Now I just have to find somebody with an empty trailer driving from MA to TX. You may never get it sold as it is. There is just too much unknown with it in pieces. You can probably part it or put it together and make your asking price easily either way, but as it sits, it is difficult, even for someone interested, since shipping is almost impossible.
Fully understand what you mean, but I know if I parted the car I'd be stuck with half of it. Transport to TX would run you around a grand I believe.
Fully understand what you mean, but I know if I parted the car I'd be stuck with half of it. Transport to TX would run you around a grand I believe.
That might be true if you had a car, but you have a giant car shaped piece and stacks of parts that go with it. I have tried to get a quote to move such a collection of bits before and it is significantly more than moving even a non-running but complete car.
Really? Suppose that makes sense. All the parts fit -inside- the car if that's any consolation ;)
Drop to $4k. Have my eye on another car and if it sells, I'll go for it! XD
If i get a truck i can tow with i may have to take a road trip!
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