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Hello, I am piecing out the entire interior of my AW11 1985 Toyota MR2 which has 137,477 miles on the odometer. I also have the original 5spd manual C50 transmission (137,477 miles) as well as a few other misc. parts for sale (list provided below). This car is accident free, so interior and other parts have not been damaged from a collision of any kind.

The interior is black and white and is in great condition, I still have the original factory subwoofer as well. This is a non-smoker and a non-pet car. There are no fowl odors present in the interior.

Everything seen in pictures provided is for sale (Aside from the whole car). Would like to keep the driver seat and steering wheel for the time being, but will still sell them.

Can provide better/more pictures of certain parts if requested.

Links to current pictures provided below:
Interior -
Misc. Parts -
Transmission (C50) -

Most parts have a price in mind, but can negotiate.

Would prefer parts to be picked up, but can be shipped at buyers expense.

Semi Complete List:
Entire center console (Arm rest, ash tray, upper storage etc.) - Can be sold as a whole or pieced out.
Driverside and passenger door cards - (MAKE OFFER)
Front airdam - $50
Spare tire - $50
Plastic covering in front trunk - $30
Glovebox Lid - $30
Carpet - $75
Headliner - $50
Shift knob (2 of them - one in good condition, one pretty worn one) - Worn: $5 Good:$10
Seats (For sale in future) - $170 a piece or $300 for both.
Steering Wheel (For sale in future)
Gauge Cluster (For sale in future, 137,477 miles)
Original 5 spd manual C50 transmission (137,477 miles) - $150
Exhaust manifold - $50
Aisin OPT 36 Oil Pump (2 of them - one still good, one is seized) - Seized: $10 Good: $50
New headgasket - $15
ECU (unsure of condition) - $75
Dashboard - (MAKE OFFER)
Exhaust manifold heat shield - $15
Stereo - $30
Speakers (All are blown) - $10
Factory subwoofer (mounted under driver seat) - $50
Windshield washer fluid reservoir - $20
Speaker grills - $40 a piece
Speedometer cover - $80
Spare tire mount bracket (front trunk) - $40
Headlight eyebrows - $75 (for both)
Carpet (fair condition) - $75

More parts may be for sale in the near future.

Parts located and shipping from, Oakhurst, California.

Contact Info:
Text (209) 917-0794

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If for whatever reason you can not contact Brandon feel free to call me(559-676-2535) as we will be parting this together.:callme:

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MR2 Part Out Interest

Good evening. Would you be willing to give me prices + shipping (93436) on the following parts:

1) Interior sunroof valance (covers the sunroof from the inside)
2) The entire trunk carpeting and valances (that covers the tail lights and ECU)
3) Spare ECU
4) Steering Wheel (if in good condition).

Thank you! Huge help!
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