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I asked the question earlier about KO Racing saying you can run 16-17 psi with a SB and no fuel upgrades. The response was that those numbers were on a 46 trim SB and not a 50 trim. I just installed the 50 trim and wanted to know what kind of EGT's I might see with perhaps 10-14 psi. So tonight I did several runs using my Defi EGT gauge and control unit to record each run and this is what I found out.
First let me say that it was about 45 degrees out at an elevation of about 2000 feet. My mods are Intake, KOR 50 trim SB kit, HKS SuperDragger Exhaust, HKS EVC EZII, Spearco IC and TurboHoses IC piping. Using 1500F as a cap, we made several runs turning the boost up slowly each time until we got to the cap. 12 psi was safe and 13 psi took us right to 1500F after several runs. I know there are better ways to safeguard your engine from running too lean, but for those guys with just an EGT gauge and stock fuel, 13 psi may be it on the 50 trim. I hope this helps.

baktasht said:
I'm thinking 12psi is probably too much for an SB50 on a stock 91+ 3sgte. It might be okay on the newer 3sgte with 540cc injectors though.
i ran a 54trim at 18 pounds and then i ran out of fuel :thumbup

so get a wideband on there and be sure you are really running out of fuel
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