I’m selling my spare Celica beams redtop stock ECU A/T, 89661-2G090
Plug n play into mr2 beams red top as well everything works exactly the same even though it’s from an automatic transmission Celica, all drive-ability parameters algorithms are similar to mr2 with manual trans beams so no power loss or check engine light either for what the 175-190hp rating is worth on redtop beams anyway.
This particular ECU has already been tested on an mr2 redtop beams manual trans and is in known good working order, mr2 started right up and idles, revs/accelerated smooth zero issues.
I bought this ECU like 5-6 years ago with intention to incorporate a piggyback board into it as I had planned to supercharge my old beams motor, but plans changed over time never got around to it and I was lead seduced by the 2GR swap instead so this things just been sitting.
I will include a set of sw20 mr2 specific ECU mounting brackets that go in the trunk, just not pictured
$300 shipped to continental USA