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  1. MKII Tires - SCCA Stock Class

    MK2 Suspension & Braking
    Howdy folks. I hope this is in the right forum, pls advise if not... I have a 1993 MKII MR2 NA and I'm ready for SCCA stock class Solo. Leaving aside race compound tires which are not going to work due to winters down here and lack of heated garage to maintain the compound and prevent...
  2. 17" BLITZ Racing TYPE 01 wheels staggered

    1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    Good condition Blitz Racing type 01 /01r rare wheels including caps and tires w some good thread left. There are a couple light nicks easily fixable by a rim shop if you want them in perfect condition. 5x114.3 2 Front: 17x8 35+ w/ tires-215/40/17 2 Back: 17x9 35+ w/ tires-255/40/17 $1700obo...
  3. Turbo Fuel Economy

    3SGTE Turbo
    I checked the highway fuel economy for the first time and my 1993 stock MR2 turbo got 33.0 miles per gallon. How does this compare to what your MR2 turbos get on the highway?
  4. New Tires rubbing -- should I roll fenders?

    Normally Aspirated
    I got new wheels and tires for my car, but there was too much wheeltuck in the back (I think Gordaen's says -19mm). FRONT: 17x7.5-35mm with 215/45R17 BACK: 17.7.5-35mm with 235/45R17 So I got 20mm billet wheel spacers, but now they are rubbing when I go over dips. I live in WV, so the whole...
  5. 1993 Tire and Wheel Advice Requested

    My 1993 MR2 turbo is totally stock and in need of four new tires. I can not find a matching set of tires in the stock size.:mad: I want my new set of tires to be quite, long lasting, fuel efficient and have a comfortable ride. I also want all season tires that I can rotate. This car is only...
  6. Falken Torque 5 wheels 5x114.3 +40

    1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    Falken Torque 5 wheels 5x114.3 +40 Price: $400 with tires Price: $250 without tires - Falken Torque 5 wheels: 17x7 +40 (F/R), 5 x 114.3 - Falken ZE512 tires: ~10K miles; 215/40/17 - Yokohama S Drive tires: ~6K miles; 215/40/17 Wheel 1: Wheel 2: