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  1. Audio/Security
    ~New to audio obviously~ Replaced the 2 door speakers and the 2 speakers behind the seats. When all the speakers are connected, I get no audio. When I disconnect the rear right speaker, then audio comes out the other 3 perfectly, why is this? Head unit and everything else always work, just...
  2. MR2 Product Reviews
    Well, decided to bite the bullet on a new brand in the market, as I really had no other choice for my application, anyways, I'll get on to the review. A while back (3 weeks) I ordered a Rockville RMW8A, which is an amplified 8" subwoofer in a ported box that would fit on the rear T-top tray...
  3. Audio/Security
    Hi, This might sound like a complete noob question, but bear with me. First, I tried removing the rear speakers cover alone to fit some 3 1/2" aftermarket speakers on my 89 T-top, but although it's clearly a different piece than the panel, I can't remove it (scared to crack the plastic!)...
1-3 of 3 Results