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  1. Wheels/Tires
    Hello everyone, i'm looking to purchase new three-piece wheels, and am having trouble or question about fitment... i'm looking into get a 17x7/7.5 in front, and 17x8/8.5 rear. i'm curious as to what offset i'll need for the front, and rear so do not have to use backspaces. if anyone could help...
  2. MKIII MR2 Parts Wanted To Buy Or Trade
    If you have your stock wheels laying around your garage I will take em!
  3. MKII MR2 Parts Wanted To Buy Or Trade
    looking for 14” rims for Mr2
  4. Wheels/Tires
    just to keep it short, tires for the OEM rims are getting harder to find in my area and I've considered buying rims in a more common size that will still fit the MK1 even after dropping it by an inch. Is this the right move? Are there any paticular manfacturers that stand out for MR2s? and will...
  5. 1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    Genuine TRD Alumi-k rims, no cracks, caps included. Two are painted silver, two are golden (I can paint it silver). Lips are polished. It's my rims and I sell them because I need something wider and they better fit MR2. Location Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I can ship them with dhl, tnt or any...
  6. MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    Hi guys, this is my first post here, I'm looking for some help... I found a nice set of wheels I love but theyre 17x7.5 +40, I know the flush fit is around 29 & 16 staggered. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this size or know if it works, I'm thinking I might need a 1" spacer on the rear, &...
  7. 1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    I have a set of 4 Enkie Tenjin wheels for sale. Fronts are 17x8+35, and the rears are 17x9+35 with a slight concave. The finish is a gunmetal color, and the lug pattern is 5x114.3. The wheels are practically new, but there is slight rash on one of the wheels. Only selling because I scored a set...
  8. MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    Hey guys! I have an opportunity to pick up the stock wheels from a 2004 Spyder for cheap, the fronts are 15"s but the rears are 16"s with 215/45R16, what do you guys think? Will I have clearance issues? These would go on my 89. Thanks! -Nick
  9. 1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    Up for sale is a set of used BBS LM two piece wheels 17x8 +35 all around. Some clear coats are off on the lips please see pictures for details. $1200 firm +Shipping Please txt me 702-588-8951 if interested
  10. 1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    Good condition Blitz Racing type 01 /01r rare wheels including caps and tires w some good thread left. There are a couple light nicks easily fixable by a rim shop if you want them in perfect condition. 5x114.3 2 Front: 17x8 35+ w/ tires-215/40/17 2 Back: 17x9 35+ w/ tires-255/40/17 $1700obo...
  11. MKIII MR2 Parts Wanted To Buy Or Trade
    I'm looking to buy a set of stock rims from an mk3. They don't have to be spotless, but I don't want any that are trashed either. If they have tires on them, that's a plus. Thanks.
  12. 1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    [/IMG] Two 17x9+15 Two 17x8+35 Chip paint and some rash $450 located in West Covina CA EMAIL ME [email protected]
  13. 1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    [/IMG] Two 17x9+15 Two 17x8+35 ! Chipped paint and some rash ! $450 located in West Covina ! Email me , [email protected] !
  14. MKI MR2 Parts Wanted To Buy Or Trade
    Looking for a set of OEM wheels for the 1st generation MR2. May consider aftermarket wheels, but will only consider a complete set of 14" wheels in good shape. This is what I am looking for: Oh yeah- I will not consider OEM triangle wheels. Thanks!
  15. 1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    Falken Torque 5 wheels 5x114.3 +40 Price: $400 with tires Price: $250 without tires - Falken Torque 5 wheels: 17x7 +40 (F/R), 5 x 114.3 - Falken ZE512 tires: ~10K miles; 215/40/17 - Yokohama S Drive tires: ~6K miles; 215/40/17 Wheel 1: Wheel 2:
1-16 of 16 Results