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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello mr2oc. Still running my 1992 mr2 T-bar, MT. Runs great but have a radiator leak and would like to replace it with a new one. Have repaired the leak twice already. We have been unable to locate anything. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
  2. Floor Repair

    Passenger floor after welding in the forming rust holes and coating with POR-15
  3. 3SGTE Turbo
    Hey Guys, Finally got the 'new' MR2 registered and I've been driving it around the past week just to get a feel for it before. Unfortunately, after 3-4 days of driving it I found an issue today. '94 JDM Turbo (gen 3 3sgte) 75k miles I was driving home, and the car starting acting very funny on...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Wassup y’all! Just got a 91 Turbo chassis. First and foremost I have a few issues with the car I’d like to ask help for; issue #1, idle bounces around a lot, seems to be alleviated a slight bit when I open the hood and let the engine breath leading me to believe that I need more airflow. It...
  5. MKII MR2 Parts Wanted To Buy Or Trade
    I've been looking for front body panels for a while now but I cant seem to find any oem ones... the ones I've come across are made of fiberglass and not original design. Any suggestions or any one know if someone is selling any? Edit: forgot to mention the car, its a mr2 sw20 1991
  6. MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    This mr2 has been sitting outside for 5 years in Indiana after it threw up what I think was coolant. The car could still start and go about a year after it broke at least the small distance to the spot it is now. My current goal is to get it rolling as the brakes have seized up due to corrosion...
  7. MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    I just had the 3rd gen 3sgte swapped in to my previously NA 93' by a professional shop. It feels great to finally be boosting, but theres a few problems ive been getting. For one, my gas mileage is horrible. It is getting about 15 mpg right now, which im certain is way less than what it should...
  8. 3SGTE Turbo
    Hello everyone! It's been a while and this community has been extremely helpful in the past! Lately, I've had an overheating issue that's been stumping the hell out of me! A few months ago, I had my car sent in to have both catalytic converters replaced. At the time, my car was running great...
1-8 of 10 Results