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  1. Looking for CT15 Rebuild Kit

    MKII MR2 Parts Wanted To Buy Or Trade
    I recently did a Gen 4 swap and I really like the CT15 spool and I plan on keeping it. The only issue is that mine needs to be rebuilt. I don't have the money to have an ATS or TCS rebuild/upgrade done. Does anyone know where I can purchase a rebuild kit for the CT15?
  2. 88 SC Rebuild

    New Member Introductions
    Hey there, So I recently purchased an 88 SC model as a project car! It was kept in really good conditions so at the moment I'm just doing minor fixes. I'll be posting regular updates as I go along with it, so if anyone of you have feedback or advice please share, since it is my first MR2!
  3. A 16 year old with an mr2

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I bought myself a 1986 AW11 MR2 lst summer with my final goal being to have it as my first car once i get my drivers license. It has 360000kms on the stock 4age, only 3/4 pistons that work (due to what i suspect are busted piston rings), a couple of rust spots and other small...
  4. Cylinder Head - Rebuild or Purchase Remanufactured

    MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    Hello everyone, i own a bigport 4age that needs the valves to be readjusted,, today i measured the valve clearances and all were pretty much way off the mark. A trusted friend said i should send in the head to have the valves re seated and for new shims.. Would this be the most effective way to...
  5. in need of 4age experts!

    MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    What's up guys and gals? My name is Thor, I just bought this aw11 as a project to restore. I'm not really familiar or comfortable yet with the 4age and the aw11 I bought was in the middle of a rebuild when I picked it up. So there's my problem in a nutshell I know it needs the timing and valves...
  6. Ct20b rebuild question

    3SGTE Turbo
    My Ct20b decided to start sending oil smoke out of my exhaust today. Does anybody have links to any good rebuild kits? I've rebuilt two ct26's but it never seems to last very long and I'm tired of pulling the turbo out once a year.