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  1. NO CUT MK1.5 engine mount kit- Designed for the GEN4 3SGTE and S54 tran

    3SGTE MK1.5
    Introducing the World's First NO CUT MK1.5 engine mount kit! The long awaited MK1.5 GEN4 3SGTE utilizing the S54 transmission "no cut" mount kit is here. Gone are the days of hacking and cutting up your MKI chassis to weld in engine mount brackets for the out-dated GEN2 3SGTE engine. This kit...
  2. Prime Performance MR2

    READ FIRST!!!!! - Buyers/Sellers Feedback
    The folks at Prime Performance MR2 are extremely helpful and knowledgeable!! I contact Justin a few months ago saying that I've always wanted a red turbo. (I used to have a blue SC) He told me about the gen4 swaps they do, answered a ton of questions of mine, and gave me a run down on the...
  3. **.. CT15b STAGE 2 TURBO UPGRADE - 327WHP on a Prime Gen4 ..**

    Vendor Deals
    Prime Performance is now proud to offer the world’s first 327 wheel horsepower Stage 2 CT15b billet turbo upgrade! Our customers asked and we answered. Our new Stage 2 turbo upgrade is the closest thing we have ever tested to having your cake and eating it too. Big turbo (GT3071) power and...
  4. Detailed Review of Prime Performance in New Jersey

    General MR2 Discussion
    Detailed Review of Prime Mr2 in New Jersey (Prime Performance Auto) I recently had a Generation 4 motor installed in my 1991 Turbo Mr2 (Gen 4 out of a Toyota Caldina). I spent countless hours wrenching on my old Gen 2 motor since I purchased the car a year ago. My intentions were to make the...
  5. 1993 smg 2gr .... Yes 2gr

    1984-2002 Toyota MR2 Hybrids For Sale
    PRIME PERFORMANCE 2GR ... ultra sweet WAIT ... IT'S BACK 1993 MR2 2GR PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED FROM PRIME PERFORMANCE Fully Adjustable Suspension Brand NEW Falkens on the rear 150k on chassis 40k on motor ... YES 40,100 miles! oh so nice. This 2GR has been mated to the stock NA exhaust...