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  1. 1986 Toyota Mr2 Full Part Out Unibody cut

    General MK1 - FAQ
    Im parting out and selling 2 seperate 1986 Toyota Mr2 I can ship to your location. Send me your zip-code and let me know what you need so I can calculate the total price for you. I can cut the panels off the uni-body if you need rust-free spots. Contact me for more information. (photos...
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  3. 94+ Lock Cylinder

    MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    Hello, I recently managed to pick up a set of 94 tail lights for a very good price. I am now trying to find the longer lock cylinder to go with the lights. I know this part is discontinued and will be next to imposable to find but I figured I would ask if anyone on here either has one and...
  4. 91' MR2 shell Part-out!

    1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    **Car is now cut to pieces. Only remaining part are the US taillights, turn signals, T-top glass and Megan Racing Street Coilovers. ** Rims are 15x6 (front and back). Front tires are brand new. Rear are bald. Rims are originally silver and black, but they currently have a thick layer of...
  5. 1992 n/a part out

    1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    Whats damaged is what you see in the pictures, everything else is in perfect condition. Let me know what you need. It is swapped to turbo however the 5S and tranny are in the garage and can be bought together or parted out as well. Don't be afraid to make me a different offer or ask for other...
  6. FS: Parting out 1985 mr2 [located puyallup, wa]

    1984-1989 MR2 Parts Swapper
    car is sold to pick n pull now, for any parts remaining on the body you would want their address and phone number is listed below. 2416 112th St S, Lakewood, WA 98499 (253) 588-1775 I will have a post containing all the parts i pulled and are still for sale in the coming days.
  7. FS: 1989 AW11 Rolling Chassis in central PA, bonus parts

    1984 - 2005 MR2 Rolling Chassis For Sale
    For sale is my 1989 AW11 rolling chassis for parts. My plan was to put the chassis up on a rotisserie to repair its structural rust problems and completely restore it. However, I have to move and can't take the project with me. As you can see, most of the major body parts have been removed from...
  8. '87 Engine and Accessories Part Out

    1984-1989 MR2 Parts Swapper
    I just finished my BT swap and I am putting up all the un-needed parts for sale. Here is what I have off the top of my head but if you need something that you don't see please let me know. All parts are off of my NA 87 MR2 with MT. Here is a picture of everything. If you need a picture of...