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  1. New Member Introductions
    my mr2 w30 1zz engine blew and i want to get a new and better one ist the 2zz compatible with my mr 2 pls help build year august of 2000
  2. V6 MR2 Forum
    Hi guys! I have a 1987 Aw11 MR2 that has the 2GRFE V6 swap ( from a 2008 Camry) and it drives and starts right up! It has the e153 turbo transmission and everything functions, but it's stuck in "limp mode" and won't Rev any higher than 2000 RPMs.. the OBD2 scanner says it has all throttle body...
  3. 1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    I swapped my 3S for 2GR. Less than 4k miles on the turbo. CT27 is a upgraded CT26 by ATS Racing. Shipping included in the price. Will only ship in the continental U.S.
    $600 USD
  4. MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    hello guys can i somehow fit brz injectors to mr2?
  5. Common Engine Swaps and Related Discussions
    Hey guys, my first gen 5 swap for SW20 and running into a few issues. -I either get 14v while the car is running but the motor shuts off 30 seconds after start up, or constant 12v but the car runs fine. I dont change anything, I believe the car has a mind of its own, it is a new alternator and...
  6. MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    I was testing for parasitic draw and noticed that when I removed the 30A RTR (retractable headlight fuse) my amperage would decrease. Is it normal for the headlights to be drawing power when the car is off?
  7. 1990-1999 MR2 Turbo Cars For Sale
    The fuel rail kit allows you to use top feed fuel injectors that are more common and typically provided in larger sizes than side feed injectors. The Racer X fuel rail is designed for 14mm top and bottom o-ring injectors with a 60mm length. **Please note: The GEN 4 fuel rail is compatible with...
    $80 USD
  8. 1990-1999 MR2 Turbo Cars For Sale
    I thought I made a for-sale post here. Then I couldn't find it. Anywhere here she is, lil Garage Queen. Looking to sell my little weekend sports car to get back into real estate projects. Parts list in paragraph form: If you know you know. Frankenstein Motorworks Intake MAF pipe ECU Headers...
    $22,999 USD
  9. For Sale 3SGTE 1991 MR2

    1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    I did a 2GR swap. I don't have any plans with my 3SGTE (Gen2). It is coming out of a 1991 MR2. It has around 101k on the engine. I also have some suspension parts. Some performance parts such as, Haltech Elite 1000 ECU, Haltech Flex Fuel Sensor, Spec Stage 2+ Clutch Kit (under 1k miles), ATS...
    $1 USD
  10. Normally Aspirated
    Hi there i recently bought a 1992 japanese imported MR2, with a 3sge engine. The car was originally a non runner. although after removal of the dirty air filter and the removal of the old fuel the car starts, although at idle the car surges and will not move under its own power. When the car...
  11. V6 MR2 Forum
    Hi guys, I'm looking at swapping my 1991 3sfe na to a v6. Looking for cheap and relatively easy. (Aren't we all, I know) solution for more power. Originally thinking of just swapping for a 3sge engine, since it's pretty much a straight swap - But it seems like to go for a v6 won't actually be...
  12. MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    Hey folks. Restoring an 86 Toyota MR2. Car will be for sale at he end of the series Thanks
  13. 2000- MR2 Spyder, MR-S Cars For Sale
    Rehoming this well-maintained 2004 MR2, 5-speed manual transmission in Phantom grey pearl / red. Same owner since 2006 and clean title, vehicle report included. Vehicle has been garaged, maintained or restored to its vintage condition with the addition of a Pioneer nav system Apple Car Play...
    $14,999 USD
  14. 2000- MR2 Spyder, MR-S Cars For Sale
    Silver/tan top Toyota MR2 Spyder with 2ZZ/C66 swap 160k on meter, but around 50k on new engine. This is the 6-speed manual transmission with a taller final drive for better highway cruising. Other modifications include a chassis bracing underneath, front and rear strut tower braces, long-tube...
    $10,999 USD
  15. MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    MR2RICH - Track Attack!! After restoring the car to mint condition, I decided to finally take the SW20 out of slumber Been a garage queen for the past few years Drove it maybe 10-20 miles a year I'm getting older now and not sure how long I'll live so I decided to rather than let this rot...
  16. MR2's Wanted To Buy or Trade
    I have a 88 supercharged t top mr2 I’d like to trade for a spyder. Save the hate, I know! It’s got 173k miles, leaky t top seals, and most notably pretty friggin bad rust in the rear trunk and a bit in the frunk (which is sandable and sealable). Trunk on the other hand is beyond my ability to...
  17. General MR2 Discussion
    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and I have an AW11 MKB MR2. I wonder if anyone know any Autoshop in the Bay Area that specialize with working on any MR2, or the one you guys trust for doing service/repair. I do not have my own garage to work on car, usually I go to my friends house to work on...
  18. 2000 - MR2 Spyder Parts Swapper
    Good condition. Slight scuff. I no longer want this bonnet so I'm selling it cheap.
    £300 GBP
  19. MKIII MR2 Spyder 2000 - 2007
    Hello, I rolled the car in icy conditions, there were no other vehicles involved. The panels and arches have taken a battering, the bumpers are broken, the windscreen has cracked. There is no engine or other damage that I know of, it restarted afterwards. Can I save something here or do I need...
  20. Supercharger / Turbo FAQ
    Hey guys, I’m not going to lie I’ve been getting lost in the sauce with the old threads and wanted to make a new one to be up to date. Wanting to run a bigger pulley of course to up the boost in my supercharged MR2. I’ve seen people mention the running lean issue and want to know solutions...
1-20 of 153 Results