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  1. MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    I am having trouble shifting my gear is currently stuck in fourth gear, won't come out, nor it can go to neutral. Can someone please explain to me what I need to replace? I'm assuming it's whether the gear selectors, shifter cables or internal transmission failure or not.
  2. Lights
    I bought my MR2 recently and i cant for the life of me find the switch to the lights but i think the original owner took it out and the only way to move the headlights is the manual turn knobs right behid each headlight. if anyone can show me where the switch is or where it would be that would...
  3. 1984 - 2005 MR2 Rolling Chassis For Sale
    First, some back story. My brother-in-law passed away earlier this year, he was a lifelong car guy and had various projects on the go. He left behind a project car, and lots of parts, we’re talking in the region of two bedrooms full of parts and certainly enough to put this MR2 back together...
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  4. MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    Does anyone know if it is safe to use other screws to hold the center piece for the rev 5 wing?? I don’t know the thread size and I was thinking of just using others screws that fit
  5. 3SGTE Turbo
    hello so I currently have a 91 NA and I’m looking to swap for a 3stge. I’m looking for something economical, reliable and something with decent power. This car is my daily so I most definitely need it reliable. How reliable is the gen 2 vs the 3 and 4? And what would you guys recommend??
  6. Common Engine Swaps and Related Discussions
    Okay so I have a 91 sw20 mr2 and I’m doing a k24a2 swap I already have the k24 and I pulled the 5sfe from the mr2. Does anyone know what ecu and harness I can use and where to get it from. (Also any tips with the swap will help a bunch) Thank you!
  7. MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    Ima planning on buying a 91 gts with 113k miles. The guy is selling it for 16,500k obo, but i feel like that’s way yoo much for a lhd. Help please?
  8. Paint & Body Shop
    Has anyone tried to install a Rev5 Wing or a 94-95 wing on a NA 91 MR2? I have a NA trunk as well. Just wanted to see if it would fit
  9. 3SGTE Turbo
    Hey guys so I have a stock 91 jdm swap 3sgte and the ecu needs to be replaced. I wanna run a mega squirt just on the base map but I wanna be sure that’s perfectly fine and I’m not gonna have a big issue.
  10. Normally Aspirated
    Hi guys, I recently replaced the engine in my rev 1 uk mk2 as one of the bottom end bearings had gone. Now it won't start and I'm getting no spark from the ignition coil. The coil has been replaced and is known good. When 12v is applied to it directly or the coil negative wire on the igniter is...
  11. 3SGTE Turbo Forum FAQ / Sticky Forum
    A few days ago i picked up a 1991 Toyota MR2 turbo manual and two days ago i was driving it around for the first real time. I had been cruising around town boosting in each gear but not really pushing the car that hard. Then later that night a few friends and i decided to go drive on a curvy...
  12. Normally Aspirated
    So i am planning on turboing my mr2 soon and to retard timing i was planning on using a msd 6btm. Theirs really not much information on how about going to do this i know how to wire everything up except the distributor kinda important lol i'm having trouble finding a wiring diagram or if it is a...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I am currently looking at a 1991 MR2. I want to know what to look for when I check out this MR2 that is for sale.He is asking for about 5,750 thousand US dollars. It has a 4-Cyl, 2.2 Liter Engine, it’s manual and has about 150,000 miles. The photos he has provided makes the car looks...
1-13 of 13 Results