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  1. MR2's Wanted To Buy or Trade
    I'm looking to buy an MK1 MR2 with a 3SGTE engine swapped in. Here's what I'm looking for: Gauges working, electronics working, interior intact. I'm planning to use it as a road car, not a strictly track only vehicle. Left-hand drive Manual transmission (preferably the E153 Turbo transmission)...
  2. MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    I was recently in a collision involving my Gen 3 Mk1.5 (due to tire blowout on the freeway) and I'm wondering what the people with more wisdom here have to say about it. Does it seem fixable and is it worth fixing or is a part-out the best option for me?
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I am new to the forum I just picked up a 1986 mr2 and am interested in doing a 3sgte swap. I have read a lot of forums about people performing these swaps and they seem like a good choice. A little background, I recently purchased the car it had been sitting for about 20 years and the...
  4. 1984-2002 Toyota MR2 Hybrids For Sale
    1987 MR2 mk1.5 for sale This car is a street legal track car with many well sorted performance upgrades. This car has won its class in Scca time trials several years in a row and participated in the famous Virginia City NV spectre 341 hill climb as seen on tv with big red camaro. Life goes on...
  5. 3SGTE MK1.5
    Thinking about the brakes on the MK1.5 and wondering what other people are running? What Calipers, Rotors, and Pads do you use front and rear? Also relevant would be the tire and wheel size.
  6. General MR2 Discussion
    Hi Everyone, On this tune I haven't upgraded my injectors and fuel...I would like to know anyone's opinion if I need to upgrade my turbo or just upgrade my injectors and fuel pump to reach my goals of 380RWHP-400RWHP[email protected]/13272304013/ Thanks,
1-6 of 7 Results