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  1. FS gen3 exhaust mani $75 shipped and hot pipe $100 shipped

    1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    gen 3 exhaust mani $75 shipping, their are broken bolts where the heat shield mounts but otherwise there is nothing wrong with it. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Hot pipe with HKS BOV $100 shipped [/URL][/IMG] *disclaimer* I never installed or used either of these items, I presume they work as...
  2. Driving With One Missing Axle Bolt?

    MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    Hello, on my turbo axles I snapped one out of the six bolts (left side 8mm alan key bolts). I was trying to tighten them to 100 ft-lbs. I got them to probably 80-90 ft-lbs with loctite. I didn't wanna go more with the other bolts before I snap any more. My question is, will it be safe to drive...
  3. Looking for Gen 3 Alternator

    3SGTE Turbo
    I am looking for an alternator for my gen 3 with no power steering. I was wondering if it is interchangeable with the gen 2 and if not, what alternators would work. Toyota doesn't order parts for japanese engines so I can't just go OEM gen 3. Thank you!
  4. Repining N/A to Turbo Connector

    Common Engine Swaps and Related Discussions
    I am doing a 92 5SFE to Gen 3 3SGTE swap. I bought a rear clip and am nearly finished with the swap. I have already taken out the wires from my body harness connector (to the ecu) and I am going to put those wires into the 22 pin connector I ordered. However, I came across a slight problem...
  5. WTB: Gen 3/4 oil pan set!!

    MKII MR2 Parts Wanted To Buy Or Trade
    Would like to exchange your gen 3 or 4 oil pan set for united states dollarssss It is important for me to be able to actually USE the pan, so if you could pm me a pic showing its condition/lack of messed-up-ness of the mating surface, it would be much appreciated :thumbup Thanks!
  6. Gen 2 Head on Gen 4 Block?

    Common Engine Swaps and Related Discussions
    So I recently trashed a Gen 2 3sgte. It's a bit of an emergency situation (need the car back up and running), and I have a friend that can supply me with a Gen 4 short block. It is complete except for the oil pan and head... My gen 2 head works perfectly well, has ported intake/exhaust ports...