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  1. MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    Hi All, my current '85 MR2 AW11 has a busted 4th gear (jumps out). I am looking for a replacement; as a refurbishment/repair would be much more expensive. I found some different ones in the UK (I am located in germany) but I am not sure if I can use any gearbox version on my MR2. I read...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi All! I finally pulled the trigger and bought a '85 mr2 aw11 and so far it has been a blast! It looks good, but has quiet some technical issues. At least the body is 100% rust free! I hope I can find some answers to my questions, as I have quiet a few! I already created my own licenseplate...
  3. MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    Hello, I'm looking to perform a 6 speed swap on my '88 AW11. How would I go about this? I seen that the C160-c12 transmission from a Levin or Trueno is best to use but i am open to all options. Any guidance would be very much appreciated thanks!
  4. MKII MR2 Parts Wanted To Buy Or Trade
    Hi All, I am new to this group so thanks for whoever added me. I bought myself a well worn but low milleage MR2 some 11 years ago off some dodgy bloke on his brothers drive. Little did I know it was a MK2, rev 1 turbo. I've spent many happy hours learning while I restore her (tuns out she was...
  5. MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    I drive a manual 87 Mk1b, and I've been having problems shifting, especially in the vertical movements(into 1st, 2nd to 3rd, etc.) and 3 out of 5 times the gear grinds when I try to put it in reverse. The clutch is fairly new, I changed the shift bearings, but I still have this problem.
  6. MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    Greetings from indy. I need to get "brass block kits" for 1st and second gear to finish up my 91 mk2 na 5sfe gear box. I think that is code for syncronizers. Any source come to mind. Part numbers would be appreciated. [email protected] Thanks for your help.
1-6 of 6 Results