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  1. 3SGTE Turbo
    Sup fellow mr2 pals. So I’m putting a holset hy35 on my gen4 3s. Plan is to max out stock fuel :D. Ct20b wasn’t cutting it afr at full boost was still Rich 10.4afr. I know this turbo is more of a top end screamer so I wanna raise my rev limit from 6800 to 7200 (or more who knows). I’m also...
  2. After Market Engine Management
    Guys, I am pulling my hair out trying to figure this out...perhaps ya'll can help. Just got the car tuned with a break-in map, motor is new. I wanted the fuel cut to kick in at 10psi/69kPa (Used online calculator, it wouldn't lie...would it? :confused:) The car will not let me go past 3k and...
1-2 of 2 Results