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  1. Nerz 89 MR2 4agze SC14 Build

    MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    Hello, Been a long time coming but I am finally working on this build post. The car is in no way shape or form complete, but, it is running and has been for months. I would like to think that the drivetrain is 90 percent complete and the rest of the car is mostly stock. Drivetrain will be...
  2. May 17 - Dyno Day at Mann Engineering - Subarus Toyotas and Scions welcome!

    NorCal MOC
    Hi guys, as some of you know I own a BRZ as well as an MR2 Spyder (and used to own a SW20) and so I kind of split my time between the 86/BRZ world and the MR2 world. But we have a cool dyno day meet coming up that I would like to extend the invite out to the MR2 community as well to come and...
  3. AEM EMS V1 w/ UEGO Wideband, Gauge, O2, 3.5bar MAP, IAT sensor

    1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    Selling my AEM EMS. Version 1. It was installed and used for about a month. The car sat for several years in storage and then I removed the EMS last summer to sell. It's in the original package. All like new with exception of peeled paint on the aluminum surface. Includes extra long serial...