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  1. MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    I have a 1988 MR2 GT T Top and want to install OEM cruise control. I was hoping to hear from others who have had this done about how difficult, expensive it is to have it done. Any advice is welcome. I have a couple of the components I picked up on ebay, but haven't taken the plunge yet for...
  2. 1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    I have for sale an OEM Steering wheel with airbag and cruise control. It is off a 1993 MR2 Turbo. Pretty Good me for more info and pics...Black Color 70 bucks picked up locally in Los Angeles, 90 dollars shipped anywhere in the US....maybe a little flexible but no low balling
1-2 of 2 Results