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  1. 92 MR2 Overheating Issue

    Normally Aspirated
    Hey So my MR2 started overheating recently. Would be fine for a bit, and then the temperature would spike up to red reasonably quickly. I've filled the coolant, bled the system, and checked for leaks. The water pump is providing pressure and is working properly. The thermostat has also been...
  2. cooling hose

    MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    I need a 16576-16011 cooling system hose for my beautiful 1989 MR2. Does anyone know where I can get '89 MR2 parts that are now discontinued by Toyota? Surely, there are some hanging out in some warehouse somewhere.
  3. HVAC issue. No heat to drivers side foot well!

    MK1 Interior Modification & Repair
    Picked up an '86 MR2 as a daily driver while I'm overhauling my Alltrac. Been a great car and only needs a bit of TLC with suspension and some new struts. The only issue I'm really having is the drivers side foot well gets rather cold! Apparently there is a cold draft that comes in from outside...