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  1. Matrix Garage Coilovers, Braided brake lines and clutch line, bushings, and others

    1984-1989 MR2 Parts Swapper
    Matrix Garage WAT Coilover kit, Adjustable monotube shocks, 10k front, 8k rear, optimized for an "Inverted Xhead" set up. This setup is very competitive in Autocross. These are probably the best quality coilovers on the market, just ask yoshimitsuspeed. I paid $1400 for this setup, used for 2...
  2. Riddleyo's Autocross 1988 MR2

    Riddleyo's Autocross 1988 MR2 - Xhead setup Riddleyo's Red 1988 MR2 Autocross Build The Car: 1988 RED Toyota MR2 Naturally Aspirated The Goals: Ultra Grip! Autocross! The Background: I race with a club in Xenia, Ohio called the Miami Valley Sports Car Club. I will be racing this Toyota...
  3. FS: New Fortune Auto Coilovers with Swift Springs (Gen 5)

    1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    Brand new and unused in box. Taken out of box for inspection and pictures for this thread. These have been sitting in the box for a few months so I am selling this to someone who can put them to use. Also, I will be purchasing a new car so this set is no longer needed. Upgrades: - Swift...
  4. FS: D2 Coilovers

    1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    SOLD!! These look really bad, powdercoating was an issue. I honestly drove them for 1 season and have all the tools and adjusters that came with these. Personally, I would just buy some Swift Springs to replace. Trouble turning most of the rings but didn't try too hard. I'm sure with some...
  5. Flatout Suspension

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, some of you may have heard of us from our facebook page and posts on FB, some haven't. I spoke to Bill Strong recently about really digging into offering the MR2 community a solid suspension option and he told me to post an intro (I've sent a request for forum sponsorship btw, it...
  6. FS: New Fortune Auto (Gen 5) 500 Series Coilovers with Swift Springs

    1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    Brand new and unused. They have never been mounted to the car or seen sunlight. Took them out of the box just to inspect them and never had the time to install them. I was not planning on selling these, since they took forever to get... but they've been sitting here for almost two months now...
  7. Blitz ZZR Coilover Review

    MK2 Suspension & Braking
    I purchased a set of Blitz ZZR coilovers from Nengun back in April, they are made to order so I had to wait a few weeks before they could be shipped out. From the time they shipped them till they arrived at my door took less then a week. I honestly couldnt believe it, I order something from the...
  8. New coilovers: One side lower then the other??

    MK2 Suspension & Braking
    Got around to installing my coilovers and have been playing with ride height on my spare time. The rears are exactly where I want them, just have to shave a bit of the trim plastic to keep the tires from rubbing. But when lowering the fronts as much as they can go I cant get the drivers side as...
  9. WTB: Tein Sway Bar Endlink

    1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    I recently lost an endlink off my tein coilovers. I was wondering if anyone has a spare they can sell. I am in need of one
  10. Replacing wear items when upgrading suspension?

    MK2 Suspension & Braking
    Hi guys, I am replacing my stock suspension with BC coilovers and was wondering what wear items should be replaced while I have the suspension out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Guaranteed lowest pricing on all MR2 parts! Exhausts, suspension, Drivetrain, Fuel++

    Vendor Deals
    We guarantee the lowest pricing on all parts we sell! Find a lower price? Let us know and we will match or beat it! Check out all parts on our website HERE PM, email or call us for special forum pricing! 877-738-9672 We carry these brands and more! ACT AEM Electronics AEM Induction...
  12. Spring and Shock or Coilovers

    MK2 Suspension & Braking
    Im wanting to liven up my suspension a little bit because I'm currently happy with the power output on my N/A, However the obvious parts are to check all steering and alignment parts replace if worn. new bushings where applicable. not to mention a good set of mild to medium stiffness sway bars...