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  1. Tri-State MOC
    I am reaching out to the Tri-State local MR2 crowd to see if anyone is interested in a completely disassembled 5sfe? It was the original engine to my 91 that had a bad bearing. I pulled the engine and swapped in a lower mileage 5sfe and have been driving it ever since. It had roughly 105k...
  2. 3SGTE Turbo
    Hey guys, having a real problem here. I had my tired gen 2 engine swapped by a reputable shop very well known by the mr2 community and have been having problems with it ever since. After about 3 weeks of daily driving the gen 4 it started blowing smoke at idle after warming up. It was showing no...
  3. MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    As stated in the title, my tail light fuse keeps blowing immediately upon turning on my lights. Headlights are still running fine. I just lose my tail lights, running lights, dash lights & the orange flasher lights on the sides next to front tires. Everything was working fine about a week ago...
1-3 of 3 Results