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  1. JDM Spec Alternator Amperage

    General MK2 FAQ (Newbie Center)
    Hello, I have been searching around for a while it seems like and I keep running in circles it feels like. I have came across ton of info about 70, 80, and 100 amp alternators for the MR2. I have only found people talking about the 90amp on fourms but no definitive facts. I know it exists...
  2. 4th gen 3sgte alternator relocation

    Common Engine Swaps and Related Discussions
    Hi everyone, I'm finishing up my 4th gen swap and running into a couple road blocks. I didn't realize that the stock alternator location on the 4th gen gets in the way of the tubing for the side mount intercooler. The engine is already installed with the alternator in its stock location. I know...
  3. Weird Intermittent charging issue 1990 NA

    General MK2 FAQ (Newbie Center)
    Halla, Long story short, had a charging issue ever since i ran it hard at around 160kmph. Took out the alternator and it was pushing out 14v. Put it back in and started to charge and i was like why try fix it if it works! Anyways started it like a day later and problem persists. Got my...
  4. Where to buy a new 4AGZE alternator?

    MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a new alternator. O'Reilly's, AutoZone, RockAuto, TwosRUs, Toyota and Amazon all do not carry the 4AGZE alternator or brushes to rebuild it. They carry the NA alternator, just not the supercharged one. Does anyone have a reputable source for an alternator...
  5. WTB: 100amp alternator with round plug

    MKII MR2 Parts Wanted To Buy Or Trade
    Hi all, I'm looking for a 100amp alternator for gen 2 3sgte with power steering and the round plug. Please let me know if you have any! Thank you!
  6. FS: 91 turbo stock rear endlinks, alternator

    1990-1999 MR2 Parts Swapper
    91 stock endlinks - $15 +shipping turbo alternator (needs rebuilt) - $20 +shipping
  7. Bad alternator causing poor performance

    3SGTE Turbo
    With a full battery charge I have excellent spool up and performance for around four minutes, after that the car does not want to run over 3 k rpm. In your opinions, do you think that when I replace the alternator, I'll be 100 %? I'm new to the turbo scene as I own a v6 3vzfe, this turbo is a...
  8. Looking for Gen 3 Alternator

    3SGTE Turbo
    I am looking for an alternator for my gen 3 with no power steering. I was wondering if it is interchangeable with the gen 2 and if not, what alternators would work. Toyota doesn't order parts for japanese engines so I can't just go OEM gen 3. Thank you!
  9. which alternator is best for Mr2 turbo 93

    MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    Hello Everybody! I have a stock 1993 mr2 turbo with factory fog lights and a small sound system which contains a 12 inch subwoofer and a amp I was thinking of getting an alternator with 90 amps. Would you guys recommend more or less? Moreover, do you recommend OEM or any good aftermarket...
  10. What is this? Where does it go? Help please

    MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    I just replaced my alternator the other day and when I put it back in there are two plugs missing its partner. I took apart the wiring harness with a bundle of about 9 wires and I couldn't find a home for two of them. If anyone has an idea or know where it should go please let me know. Here is...
  11. ISO front spoiler + Alternator

    1984-1989 MR2 Parts Swapper
    Im looking for a front spoiler for my 1988 supercharged MR2. I only need the right half of it. But if you need to sell both sides with it I guess that will do. Let me know what you got. I am also wondering if anyone has suggestions for removing rust from the wheel wells and what works best. I...
  12. Altenator troubleshooting

    3SGTE Turbo
    Just acquired a '91 US 3sgte, and 2nd day I have it, I start the car, smell burning electronics, then the Alternator and oil pressure lights both come on. I verified the Alternator is not putting out (12.11v when revving the engine) Before I replace the Alternator what should I check? (I am...
  13. 88 Supercharged overcharging when high RPMS

    MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    Last night I was messing around with my buddy & redlined my car for maybe a second or two. Immediately following that the 3 lights of death for my alternator came on & would randomly flash on & off for about the next minute or so. All of the times the lights would come on my voltage would raise...
  14. Alternator/IC Regulator/Idle issues

    MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    Hello all, Let me start by saying that I purchased my first MR2 about 2 months ago. I got an MK1 '88 Supercharged model. As far as I know the only after market things are HID lights, fuel pump & radio/speakers. Prior to this I owned a Toyota Camry & a Chevy Cavalier having a minimal amount of...