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  1. New Member Introductions
    my mr2 w30 1zz engine blew and i want to get a new and better one ist the 2zz compatible with my mr 2 pls help build year august of 2000
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, Fred here. I have been looking at cars like the MR2 MKIII and Lotus Elise for quite some time. Now that I have some funds available for a fun weekender/track/maybe Daily here or there, I'd like your guys' thoughts on this listing here. I've read opinions on the Ksport Coilovers...
  3. MKI, 84-89 NA & SC
    Hi everyone, Just completed the a 2zz conversion my Mr2 and now am moving onto the suspension portion of the restoration, followed by the bodywork. So I've been searching google images for quite some time looking for these decals I have on my hood, engine cover and trunk and have had no luck...
  4. Spyder Turbos & Engine Swaps
    Hi. I have the following swap: - Car: 2000 MT Mr2 Spyder. - Engine: 2ZZ 2004 AT (with yellow injectors). - ECU: 2ZZ MT (Unknow year, part number: 89666-20060) - Transmission: 5-Speed MT (1ZZ). - Wiring Harness: 1ZZ with cables mods (vvl, etc). But I have problems when accelerating. Should I...
  5. Spyder Turbos & Engine Swaps
    Hi. I have a 2004 JDM 2ZZ swap from a Toyota Celica 2004, but an unknow ECU M/T year (Japanese market too). The part number is 89666-80060. 1) How i can know the year of the ECU? the part number is 89666-20060 // (and below of this: 175200-4161 12V -- DENSO - MADE IN JAPAN) 2) I read in MWR...
  6. 2000- MR2 Spyder, MR-S Cars For Sale
    FS: VA 2001 Toyota Spyder MR2 2ZZ 6-speed $7500 2zzge swap from 2005 matrix. 162k miles chassis, 107k engine, 67k transmission C66 6 speed transmission with helical LSD from European market Spyder. it does 60mph @ 2500rpms in 6th. Car shifts great, runs great, can show torque logs and...
1-6 of 6 Results