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G-Limited with Gen 3 3sgte
I bought the car in 2011 as I have always dreamt of owning an MR2 mk2, they are not originally found in South Africa and therefore are few and far between, i went to look at a few but they were all terrible examples, turbo but not worth the money. So i stumbled across this N/a one... it was so neat and even although i told myself i will never own a black car, this one just immediately stole my heart. It came into the country in 2008 where it was later sold to this second owner. Shortly after he owned it he blew the motor and replaced the gen2 3sge with another gen 2 3sge. which i then bought and live with for a while until it started using more oil than fuel, i then replaced the unit with a gen 3 3sge as at that stage i could not afford a complete turbo conversion and i could not justify spending the money on a beams motor(which was double the price and more complicated to fit apparently) as my s54 gearbox had seen better days already and my dream was always a turbo mk2(i blame being part of the original F&F generation) so at the end of 2015 the importer i asked to keep a look out for a halfcut for me surprised me by saying he found one and the price was RIGHT! Paid approximately $1650 and i reckon that is a bargain. So then i slowly started stripping at the halfcut not having a lot of time on hands and skip a year and a bit and here we are i finished my build and i now have a lovely mk2 turbo, do i miss N/A, yes definitely, i would love to do a beams version one day as n/a and corners i think are a bit more fun, but i also feel the turbo motor is a bit more grown up and i don't have to ring its neck and i drive a lot more "maturely" with it than the n/a motor and the power now justifies the looks.
1991 Toyota MR2 (Black)


A gen 3 3sgte with lsd e153, flown and ported head(made a huge difference i think!), it has a gen1 hks sequential dumpvalve and an apexi air intake and an 80mm exhaust, still running stock dp with cat and stock boost
Here not much done either, i threw out the silly 8" sub and the chinese doubledin dvd player it had, the sub was in the way of my t-tops and the doubledin was yucky, i did hower retain the amp that was installed in the frunk, tiny 2 channel that is running both sets of mids in the car with the door tweeters and the standard sub, this goes through an RCA-aux cable to a 8" tablet that sits snug in the spot where the doubledin used to be, power to it comes from the old cigy port where the only other interior modification sits, i removed it as i've got usb power from behind the tablet and a ugly little boost gauge sits nice and snug in there now :)
I love the look of the 1st/2nd gen mk2, so i am pretty stock, i have however gone over to gen3 lights as it was just simpler with the wiring harness as i didn't have to cut it up, and i have grown to like the gen3 lights, but still love my gen 2 3 piece wing.

Other than that i have 15" 6j TSW all around they came with the car, but i did go a bit F&F on them and sprayed them white with plastidip, i also colour coded my calipers to the same colour as the accents in my engine bay

still stock ride height , best 4x4 by far :)
after market speakers in the doors and the pillars, with a tablet as head unit running of aux to rca from a 2channel amp in the frunk
Stock gen 2 springs and shocks all round, went to the gen 3+ bilsteins at the back but had aftermarket spring that was lower than an old mans balls and also upset the cars balance. so went back to stock n/a struts and springs all round(probably need to put the bilsteins with the n/a coils at the back but that is a bit of work and then i would need wheel alignment again, which feels like a waste as i'm hoping to upgrade suspension soon), running gen3+ rear subframe and bits and stock gen1/2 front all on normal rubber bushes that are still in decent nick
Wheel and Tire
15" tsw 6j all round with HANKOOK ventus v12s all round, 195/50/15 front and 205/50/15 at the back


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