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General Information

'91 NA->Turbo->3.0 V6SC
Purchased from Original Owner in 1993 as an NA w/ 60k miles
Bought a wrecked Turbo in 1996 and swapped in Turbo engine, ABS, Hubs, Suspension, Guages, etc. (everyone told me I was crazy not to just sell it an buy a Turbo! It's amazing how things have changed! You old-schoolers will appreciate this from the original website...
Seeing Mitch's (V6er) very sweet swap at SE2004 meet motivated me to try it for myself, so in late 2004 I started the swap.
~180k miles on the chassis! and she looks and runs better than the day I bought her
1991 Toyota MR2 (Black)


2002 Camry 1MZFE (3.0 Liter V6) Engine
2002 Solara M/T TRD Supercharger Kit
1993 MR2 Turbo Tranny
Fidanza Flywheel
Spec Stage II Clutch
Filled Engine Mounts w/ "Window Weld"
Twos R Us Solid Brass Shift Cable Bushings
Twos R Us Teflon Lined Braided Steel Clutch Line
Ebay Camry Intake Pipe
Underdog Racing Supergrip Pulley (2.8")
2001 Camry lower intake manifold / Fuel Rails / Injectors (no air assist passages)
2000 Camry Throttle Body
2000 Camry Engine Wiring Harness
2002 Solara M/T ECU
Turbo Supra Fuel Pump Upgrade
Custom Stainless Steel Fuel Lines w/ Earls Fittings
Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (A1000-6AN at 50 PSI at Idle, 65 psi at ~5 PSI MAP)
Greddy Muffler
Brad Bedell Custom Headers
Custom 2 1/2" Exhaust Y-Pipe / Flex Joint
Split Second Fuel Timing Calibrator (FTC-017) (Piggyback)
Innovate LM-1 Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Meter / Datalogger
Innovate LMA-3 AuxBox (Additional data channels)
Innovate XD-1 Programmable LED Digital Guage
Custom Airconditioning Lines / Fittings
Custom Coolant Piping
Custom Engine Mount (Passenger Side)
Mitch's Tach Amplifier and A/C Signal Inverter (a.k.a. Black Box!)
Mitch's Coolant Fan Control Thermister Upgrade
Classic Soft Trim Leather Seat Covers
Sound Proofing on all interior panels, floor and firewall
NR White Guage Face Replacements
TRD Short Shift Kit / Leather Boot
95 Rear Light Assembly Upgrade
ProCar Diamond Clear front turn signals
95 Turbo Front Spoiler
95+ Side Moulding (Deleted Side Markers)
Painted Red Calipers
Deleted "Toyota" and "Turbo" text on Rear Lid
Complete Tear down / PPG Paint Job in 2002
Twos R Us Engine Lid Strut
Alpine Head Unit (CDA - 9887)
Alpine F-300 Amplifier (Front Speakers)
Alpine M-500 Amplifier (Subwoofers)
Alpine 6.5" Type R Components Front Speakers
2 custom bass boxes w/ 10" Image Dynamics DVC Subs (behind seats)
Prothane Busings
Eibach Pro Kit Springs
Tein Flex Adjustable Coilovers
Suspension Techniques Sway Bars
SSR Integral (16x7" & 16x8" w/ 38mm Offset)
Yokohama ES100 205/45/ZR16 Front
Yokohama ES100 225/45/ZR16 Rear
PowerSlot ProStop Brake Rotors
'93 Factory Calipers w/ Metal Master Pads
Goodridge SS Brake Lines
ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid
1993 Turbo Slave Cylinder
Twos R Us Sway Bar End Links
Twos R Us Ball Joints
Wheel and Tire
16" SSR Integrals


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