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Satin Black
I flipped my Kia Forte.
I'm now an AW11 owner. It's a very rare automatic.
Because no one wants one.
It's like owning a crippled unicorn.
Bought this car for $1900 @ 145K miles back in early 2016. (02/16?)
Most expensive purchase so far: Repair manual collection.

My main purpose for making this account is to keep track of my modifications and replaced parts. Basically my diary.
1986 Toyota MR2 (Satin Black)


Idle goes up and down with slight pressure on the accelerator between 1,400 and 1,900 RPMs. I can put the car in park and hold it there, with the revs cutting out like the car is trying to die over and over but doesn't. If I really step on the gas in D, it slips in first, and has erratic revs in second. I have a new Torque Converter on the way. Many friends are in agreement about this issue.

Replaced: Alternator
Replaced: Radiator
Replaced: Freon (best guess was a slow leak)
Replaced: Water Pump
Replaced: Starter
Replaced: Spark Plugs & Cables/Wires
Replaced: Battery & Terminals
Replaced: TPS Sensor
Replaced: Thermostat

Cleaned: Throttle Body
Cleaned: AFM

Checked: Vacuum Leaks (None Found)
The first thing I did was throw away the headrests (I don't like 'em.), and nine floor mats. Five on the driver's side, four on the passenger.

My passenger window (power) doesn't roll down. When I popped the cover off, there was a two-by-four, a pair of underwear, a hand towel, and three socks holding it up. I bought a whole new assembly off of twosrus, and it still won't budge. It's a short somewhere, but I don't have time to find and fix it.

Replaced: Glovebox
Replaced: Bezel for Stereo/A.C.
Replaced: Leather Arm Pad
Replaced: Headlight/Wiper Levers with Oven Knobs
Things keep falling off. There's duct tape where the rear plastic window trim literally crumbled away while I was driving. Not a great thing to see in my rearview.

Also managed to run over the front lip on the highway, which stripped away the tire and nearly spun out of control doing 90MPH (145KMH), but I gained control and safely got off the interstate. The lip is under my bed. With a metal hinge doohickey that was attached to it. Never could find out what it was called.

The car had that faded peeling red color that I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with, with some rust. I rattle canned it Satin Black, which isn't uncommon from what Google Image results tells me.

It has those hideous triangle wheels. They look better spray painted black with the car.
New stereo & speakers. Tossed the German system.

Traced the steering wheel center and cut out a template for my magnetic phone mount. The back of my phone is also magnetic, so it adheres and doesn't go anywhere while I'm driving. I plan on mounting a small solar battery pack to the top of the steering wheel as well so I can charge without worrying about wires getting caught on anything.
Failing. Probably a ball joint. Need time to work on it.
Wheel and Tire
Triangles. 'Nuff said.



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