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Metallic Beige
AC, cruse, power door lock, power windows, power mirrors, spoiler, leather trim package, cassette tape AM/FM with subwoofer, sun roof, dealer installed alarm system..
I bought this car new on 10/10/1985 for $14880.31. As of 01/16/20, the car has 98769 miles on it. This car is still in active service and, other than winter with snow or salt, is driven all the time.

The last time I took the car in for service, the employees were standing around it taking pictures with their cell phones. The dealership does not see a car like that pull in, especially when they sold it to me. Their computer goes on for pages on all the maintenance that has been done over the some 34 years I have owned it.

I have had at least two people offer to buy the car from me when they spotted it in a parking lot. This car is my precious, its not for sale.
1986 Toyota MR2 (Original owner)


All stock. The AC works but not great (it never worked great, even when new). I managed to find a shop that still had some of the original Freon around so they charged it with that legacy coolant.
The original leather seats and shift lever boot were simply worn out. I had new leather seat covers and a new leather shift boot installed by a trim shop. That cost me about $1000 or so. Now the interior looks (and smells) new.
Other than the after market wheels, the car is still stock. The front "TOYOTA" decal on the front bumper had weathered away plus the paint was cracked so I took it to a body shop and had the front bumper redone. It looks like new now. I managed to find a "TOYOTA" sticker on the internet.
All original but the sub-woofer no longer works. Also, the AM radio no longer works but the FM does. I have no idea if the tape player works. Most likely it does not because those thin rubber belts get old and break. I will attempt to repair this myself as I would really like to keep the car stock as much as possible.
Still original shocks. No modifications.
Wheel and Tire
When the car was still mostly new, I decided to get after market wheels for it. I did not like the original wheels; they were just too plain. The wheels are from 1987 so they are the style of the day. Think "smoky and the bandit" trans AM wheels. These are horrible to clean!



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