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JDM Factory June 24th, 2015 21:42

Replaced all the AC component seals
After getting foam/dust/particles blowing into my eyes, I finally got around to tearing down the interior, clean, and replace all the worn out foams.

The items used where MD and Frost King foam tape in various sizes at Home Depot.

Cleaned it up with an APC, remove all the old foam, prep area with denatured alcohol, and the applied the correct size foam into place.

All was done in a day and less than $50, totally worth restoring. I tore down the blower and the rest of the AC components that has seals but forgot to take pics.

senna21 June 25th, 2015 16:50

What YM car was this done on? Nice work.

JDM Factory June 25th, 2015 19:00

My 94 MR2, just got done repairing my dash too!

Mr2Daily February 21st, 2016 08:40

Dash Vent Lift Repair
Nice work! I would really like to see your dash vent repair...preparation, glues used, how you held the dash in place while the repair hardened etc. Any more pictures of that? Thanks!

JDM Factory May 6th, 2016 21:03

I can't recall the adhesive used for the repair but it was a Loctite brand that was heat resistant. I pulled the dash out, removed the defroster vent, and applied the adhesive where the dash was lifting. Temporarily install the dash back in the car and away from the sun. I had some memory foam wedge that I used to pushed the lifted parts down against the windshield until it dried but I left it for over a day.

Removed the dash to ensure that it stays down and reinstalled.

ljerryd December 10th, 2016 17:46

I need to do something like this on my '93. I am getting outside air when set to recirculating. How hard is it to get to the heater/AC box? BGB doesn't seem to cover that very well.

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