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July 21st, 2019 20:39
adcox117 Welp, I've been busy troubleshooting my own AC problem (and working on the truck), but managed to re-write the BGB troubleshooter so you should be able to properly troubleshoot the amp. It's attached in my post titled "93 NA A/C Problem" (I can't post links yet).
July 9th, 2019 20:17
adcox117 I am having a similar issue on my '93 NA, but I have confirmed my compressor works fine but am getting the system to work intermittently (if anyone wants to chime in on my issue, please reply in that thread).

I don't agree that a siezed compressor is blowing the fuse. If I'm not mistaken the only electrical power to the compressor is to the magnetic clutch, which should not draw excessive current even if the compressor is seized. Unless, like Abesdub mentioned, the clutch itself is drawing more current than it ought to for some reason, or is shorted.

When I get a chance, I'll try to get a current reading from my AC clutch so you have something to compare to.
July 7th, 2019 18:40
Abesdub Agree with above on performing diagnostics on ac compressor. The compressor clutch seems to be causing a short when you turn on AC button. Try to squeeze your hand in to see if you can feel the compressor clutch turning easily check for seized or binding feeling.
July 7th, 2019 07:30
tdaustinmr2 +1 on the recommendations from merryfrankster
My supplementary comments are :
1) as stated by merryfrankster, find the AC connector. It is a single wire connector above the compressor hanging near the intercooler fan. I remember it as a grey connector.
2a) disconnect this AC connector
2b) Make a jumper to a 12V source. I have used a wire between the main power terminal inside the relay/fuse box in the engine compartment. Be VERY careful with this technique, otherwise lots of sparks and possible other damage.
2c) Turn the engine on and turn on the AC controls.
2d) check if the compressor is kicking on and off by inserting and removing the jumper into the AC connector (again, be careful with live electricity)
3) If compressor is turning on : leave it on (but only for a very short time), then quickly check the AC line viewport in the front trunk. You should see fluid flow. If no flow or minimal flow, immediately disable the AC compressor jumper (i.e. turn it off) because you are probably out of freon and you do not want to damage the compressor.

Proceed with normal AC troubleshooting steps using the results of the above tests. However, I agree with the merryfrankster implication that a blown AC fuse suggests that the compressor is drawing excessive current, i.e. is dead or dying.
July 6th, 2019 16:45
merryfrankster this is a relevant excerpt of the BGB. AC wiring diagrams.
July 6th, 2019 16:30
merryfrankster I suspect that your compressor is damaged.
July 6th, 2019 16:10
VoltageMr2 so i found the AC fuse had blown
replaced this
turn car on, green AC light comes on! Nice.
Stays on for a min, some sort of loud sound, no idea..
than turns off and fuse blows..
July 6th, 2019 14:39
merryfrankster That loud clickin sound was your ac clutch relay triggering. Next thing happened probably is your compressor seized. IDK.

PS. Let me try to be more helpful. With the car shut off, unplug the compressor from the harness. Then take a 12v power source and power the a/c clutch directly through its connector. The clutch should click audibly or you might even see the wheel move. This tells you whether it is working or not. If not working then remove and replace the compressor. If working continue.

Next grab yourself an ac manifold gauge and hook it up to the hi side and lo side fittings in the frunk. Turn the car on and turn the ac on then read the pressures. This will tell you if you have any refrigerant in the system. If not enough refrigerant, recharge.

If you have refrigerant and your compressor is ok then you proceed to troubleshooting hell. Can't help you with this. Consult the BGB. I would personally start with jumpering the ac clutch relay to force the system on. When you do this you can also force the ac fans on by disconnecting the radiator temp sensor from the harness. You will have makeshift ac. Better than no ac at all.
July 6th, 2019 14:22
VoltageMr2 See pic
July 6th, 2019 14:21
VoltageMr2 Alright. Got it out. Two small screws. Here is the side by side of the new and the old.
I just put the bracket on the new one and screwed it back in..once I knew where located got out in 2 mins.
Thanks everyone.

Unfortunately spent a 130 bucks on a new amplifier from toyota..and AC still doesn't turn on. The green light not even turning on started off as making a loud clicking sound under the glove box, than it turned off completely. Fan's blow, but no AC..back to the drawing board.

If anyone has advice on what else I should look at please let me know..thanks.
July 6th, 2019 13:41
Originally Posted by merryfrankster View Post
No need to remove or move the evaporator housing. Get the carpet out of the way. Use some tiny tools. I re-installed mine with zip-ties.

thats very helpful I feel it behind the evaporator housing
I can't see how it screws in though, how many screws are holding it in place?
I don't mind zip typing back in place but need to remove somehow..

really appreciate the help guys hoping this fixes my problem, its hot in Texas!
July 6th, 2019 13:19
merryfrankster No need to remove or move the evaporator housing. Get the carpet out of the way. Use some tiny tools. I re-installed mine with zip-ties.
July 6th, 2019 13:02
tdaustinmr2 IIRC, look back up behind the evaporator housing between the housing and the footwell/firewall. In other words, on the side exactly opposite of what is seen in the photo. You need to stick your head down there or use a mirror to see it. I cannot remember if some of the evaporator housing bolts/clips needed to be removed to provide enough wiggle room for the housing to get the amp out.
July 6th, 2019 12:05
VoltageMr2 Do I have to remove the AC evaporator to remove it?
Any instruction on how to do this correctly?
July 6th, 2019 10:22
rmeller Probably on the firewall underneath the dash.
July 4th, 2019 13:53
Replace AC amp

Hey guys I bought part number 88650-17130 for my 93 turbo, AC amp.
Was told my AC wasn't working likely because this part needed to be replaced
took out glove box was told it would be near there..I don't see it.
Could someone walk me through where this part is..and how I can replace it. I would very much appreciate the guidance.


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