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August 21st, 2019 20:42
gigglehurtz Hey, good to hear that you'll be at Nats this year in the STS SW20. I'll be there as well; I'll try and meet up with you.

If I remember correctly, I ended up in row 15? Closer to the entrance. I'll be driving my DSP RX-8, so we'll be running Tues/Wed.
August 20th, 2019 12:35
Alex W haha, maybe. Of course you did place pretty well last year, so it's not a totally wild guess on their part.

At any rate, good luck to you guys!
August 20th, 2019 11:42
RyoHazuki Hey Alex, thanks! I was pretty shocked given that we've raced all of four times this year. Still, when we have the only MR2 that's registered they probably just feel sorry for us.
August 16th, 2019 20:06
Alex W I saw you guys got a mention as likely contenders in the "Who will win" issue of Sports Car. Pretty cool!
June 16th, 2019 15:31
RyoHazuki Not too much new this year yet unfortunately! We lost our local site for this year, so the progress has been a little slower. We swapped to softer springs at 400#f/550#r, and that really helped with the bouncing. The car feels really comfortable to drive, and we've had decent results with it on asphalt like this. On Lincoln concrete we still seem to be struggling to get the rev limiter high enough to compete consistently. Was also told that it looks like we're down on power coming out of corners, which seems surprising. So, we're working on getting an eManage going like dreemer posted about in his thread. Work in progress, but hoping we'll make a few more events this year and have a chance to make some progress. I'll try to get some more updates going when we do have some events and can try other stuff.
May 20th, 2019 18:46
gigglehurtz Hey, I've been following this build for a bit and got the inspiration to try my hand at building an SW20 MR2 for STS, starting this year. Wondering if you've dusted the car off and have any updates you'd like to share?
September 25th, 2018 11:41
RyoHazuki Ha, awesome! We'll catch you at Spring Nats then! Maybe?
September 19th, 2018 19:42
rmlutze Glad to hear you guys are still developing the STS car!

Still have the red ASP car, actually drove it last week for the first time since 2017 spring nats.
Yeah we got destroyed in STR this year, always struggle getting used to the Lincoln surface, faster courses, and the additional power coming down from altitude. Not to mention the ND is taking over the class.
Anyways, we will be back for another beating next year, not sure if it will be STR, ASP, or something else.
September 18th, 2018 17:05
RyoHazuki Haven't given up! We tried some softer springs a couple weeks before Nats to try and fix the bouncing/pogo-ing we were getting and some of the ABS freak outs that result. The results were kind of mixed and we decided that with only three events locally before Nats we just wouldn't get enough run time to try to sort things out. The bounciness improved dramatically, but the car was a little laggy in transitions (to be expected)... In the end we did ok, but it was tough to say if the car got slower or not. In the rain it absolutely crushed index, but in the dry it was a little further off pace than we expected at a pair of local events. So, long story short, the already prepped ES car seemed like a good idea on short notice, and we'll be spending more time here at the end of the year and start of next year to see what we can do with it. Definitely unfinished business out there!

There was another Mk2 in ASP this year, but I didn't think it was yours. You still have the red car? STR was brutal this year! Probably fun on those courses though!
September 8th, 2018 09:52
rmlutze Noticed you guys were in ES this year and not the STS car. Don't tell me you've given up on it?!
September 29th, 2017 14:06
RyoHazuki Hey Jimmy. Thanks! Yeah, we talked afterward that shifting through the finish might have been just enough, but it was tough because we were right at the limit through the final three elements where we might not have been going much faster through any given one. Then again, just a little more speed between them... who knows? It would have been tougher in 3rd for sure though!

We didn't get videos this year unfortunately. Had the camera down there, but we forgot it in paddock each day. Going to try to make a better habit of it going forward...
September 29th, 2017 13:02
dreemer Great writeup Chris. I'm glad to hear of the success with the car this year! Great driving on both your parts. Hope you guys continue development and get even faster... I would also be very impressed to see that many more MK2's out there next year...

Wow, rev limit for 15s at the end of the run, even on the 17's? Could have just shifted, ya know Any videos??
September 22nd, 2017 15:46
RyoHazuki Alex, you are definitely more than welcome to post about it on Facebook! If you have any stickers for Wilhelm Raceworks, I'll be glad to get them on the car, too. Anyone who's asked, I've pointed them toward the OC thread here and your site.

If you're okay with other people's photos, there are a few pictures on the GotCone site from Nationals: 2017 SCCA Solo National Championships STS: GotCone Autocross & Rallycross Photos

Good example of the inside front wheel starting to lift:
2017 SCCA Solo National Championships STS 3g7a8099.jpg: GotCone Autocross & Rallycross Photos

I like this one personally:
2017 SCCA Solo National Championships STS 3g7a1362.jpg: GotCone Autocross & Rallycross Photos

If you'd rather have something original, I'll have to hunt through the early season and see if I have a few from on course. (Edit: Found and attached one.)

The coilovers have been great. We might try softening the springs up at some point here just to see if it tames down some of the bumps. Overall we've been pretty happy with the balance at 550/800 though.
September 22nd, 2017 14:59
Alex W Very nice! 3rd / 12th is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Do you have any good pictures of the car on course? (any event would be fine, doesn't have to be nationals). I would love to post about this on my Facebook page (with your permission of course), and pictures always make that better!
September 22nd, 2017 10:53
RyoHazuki Thanks guys! Hope to see you out there some time, Jimmy! If the grid conversations are to be believed, there will be like 4 more of them next year as well. It was funny how many people talked to us afterward and said they wanted to build one. Great fun!

Man, I can't believe I've been home for two weeks and haven't done any sort of recap already!

So, yeah... Nationals was... pretty amazing all told. We started out over on the practice course trying to scrub in some brand new BFG's for the fronts. This was also our first time on the Lincoln concrete with the 225/45/17's on the rear, so we wanted to get a feel for it. At first the results were pretty underwhelming, with everything just feeling lazy to react and a little pushy. Probably somewhat expected with the larger rear diameter leading to less wheelspin. We were scratching our heads as to whether we were screwed needing to wear in the fronts more or if it was the 17's. In the second session we tried bumping the rear compression a click, and the car went from mundane to holy-eff-buckle-up-and-mat-the-throttle-everywhere-this-is-awesome. Still amazed that a single click made so much difference, but both Andy and I thought it was like driving a different car.

Coming into Nationals competition we felt pretty confident that we had put the car in the best shape we could to do well. Unfortunately I was the second car on the course in first heat, so I knew that I was likely to struggle as the course cleaned up. There were dust clouds pouring out everywhere, so much that it looked like the car was broken. And, to add extra challenge, I left the parking brake on as I started my second run (which proved to be my fastest). Didn't get it turned off until 20 seconds into the course. So, overall I was pretty disappointed with my driving on day 1 and was sitting like 20th. Too cautious and careless. But, playing the good teammate is important, too, so I tried to stay positive, and Andy didn't disappoint. Taking advantage of the second driver position, he put the car solidly into 4th place and just under two tenths out of the lead.

On day 2, I knew that I was still up against a wall as the second car out again, but I had nothing to lose, which is always a much easier spot to be in mentally. As such, I was able to put up the 8th fastest time of the day and surprise myself clawing back to the "coveted" 12th trophy spot. (I had no business being in the trophies and never checked, so it was a total surprise to see the results afterward.) As for Andy, on his last run he was the first of the second drivers to go, and he was able to put the car momentarily in the lead. I was out of my mind jumping around thinking "OMG this might actually happen!". However, Ron Williams and David Whitener both edged him by less than a tenth on their last runs at the end of the group. LESS THAN A TENTH! Considering where we started with this being an experimental/take-it-easy season, that's insane! And considering we were flat on the limiter for the last 15 seconds of the East course, getting a tune and raising the limiter might certainly have found a tenth... Wow.

So, yeah, the SW20 is alive and well in STS. (Which is a great class full of great people, by the way!) There was even some ribbing in grid that the car was too fast too soon in its development and wanting to see it bounced from the class. But, almost everyone we talked to was surprised/impressed and really happy to see more variety of cars. People should realize by now that Andy is stupidly fast and takes chances that others often won't, so it still takes a hell of a drive and driver to get the car to where it was. We don't know if he wouldn't be a second faster in a Miata. All I know is that the MR2 is capable of being in the mix, which is the whole fun of doing the underdog car thing.

All told we finished 3rd and 12th. I laid a giant egg on the first day. But, in the end, an underprepped MR2 that was 590 pounds heavier than the lightest STS car managed to take 17% of the trophies home. And, it felt like we won.
September 21st, 2017 23:20
BryanH Good job keeping the SW20 relevant in Solo! It looked great out there, what little I could make out from working the opposite course.
September 5th, 2017 16:26
dreemer Glad to see you made it out there this year. Sucks with the mechanical issues. Looks like a pretty impressive showing today! Best of luck tomorrow, rooting for you guys! I decided not to make my way out there this year. Maybe I'll bring the MR2 out again sometime, with 17's...
September 1st, 2017 10:17
RyoHazuki Transmission is swapped, and we're going to make Nationals. Definitely hoped we'd have more done with the car, but given the setbacks we've had mechanically this year, things are still going fine. Hopefully we don't get waxed too badly in a giant STS class out there! Not sure how many people on the board are still going to Nationals, but I'll keep a lookout out there. Good luck and safe travels to anyone else making the trip!
August 7th, 2017 11:05
RyoHazuki Today's update from our last event is a brief one. Four launches into the event we completely destroyed the transmission! We did try disconnecting the ABS for two runs and both could not get the car to brake nearly well enough without it. However before we could try other solutions to our ABS weirdness or try to tame the bounciness again, there was a loud metallic bang followed by crunching.

So, I'm on the lookout for a >93 n/a transmission if anyone knows of a spare in good shape. Probably need to do the clutch, flywheel, axles. May even do the timing belt if we drop everything out. Not sure yet. Big scramble to see if we can get the car ready for an event in two weeks let alone with Nationals coming up.

I have never had so much mechanical bad luck as I have with this car, especially this year! Contemplating going to ASP with the car just because at least then we'd have a fast car that's broken all the time.
July 24th, 2017 11:03
RyoHazuki The STS journey finally continues! With all four struts intact (thanks Alex!) we were able to get the car back out to autocross this past weekend with both a test and tune and local event. Overall I think we learned some interesting things...

So, the big thing we wanted to try this weekend was testing a 225/45/17 on the rear against our previous 225/45/15 setup, both using BFG Rival 1.5's. The taller rear tire should take us from topping out around 53mph to somewhere in the 57-58 mph range. This comes after the discussion from our previous Spring Nationals experience of needing some taller gearing in certain situations, especially on the bigger Lincoln courses. I've always been afraid that the loss of acceleration from the taller tire would be a non-starter. However, on our test course, the 17's were just as fast or faster than the 15" tire. Given that we can get the taller tire that close on a local course and also not have as much course dependency/shifting necessity on the larger courses, I think we've found our STS rear tire going forward.

We also tested our shocks across the adjustment range. Compared to our previous results, we found things quite different than I was expecting. Rather than needing to go stiffer, we found that at full soft the suspension felt a lot more like it was really "working". Very stiff settings, as expected, felt pretty good but high compression especially would cause the car not to go as fast. Rear rebound increased wheelspin as it was increased, so we settled on .5 turn from full soft being fastest on the clock. In the front, we settled in at only 1 turn from full soft on rebound, and 3-5 clicks of compression. I went fastest and liked the feel of 5 clicks of compression, but co-driver like 3 clicks. Not sure we finalized a decision there yet.

The only hiccup of note (other than a head stud being stripped and causing what sounds like a small exhaust leak) is that the bounciness over bumps is still present and seems more pronounced in the warmer weather or at least on the courses from this weekend. This has contributed to some weird "ice mode" situations with braking zones that aren't perfectly straight. Presumably the inside front is picking up, and the ABS system is then freaking out. It causes the brakes to be somewhat inconsistent, and we're scratching our heads at how to fix it. Contemplating going to a smaller sway bar or disconnecting the ABS fuse. Maybe going back to less aggressive stock pads. There has to be a cause for the bounciness up front, but I will say that we were getting some amount of it at every shock setting we tried. Going to have to jack the car up and look for any signs of interference or binding, because it almost feels like we're moving in that direction. We'll see.

Anyway, the Sunday results at the event were decent. Raw times for co-driver and I were .3 and .6 seconds off of one of the best STS cars in the country. (I managed to cone away mine, hence the "raw times".) Still improving, and I think we're getting there. Just ironing out all the kinks... and there have been quite a few! Given that this was remarkably only around our 6th event in the car I still feel like there's some hope here.
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