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  1. Need help

    3SGTE Turbo
    After a hot run up a mountain road, pull over for some pictures, smell of plastic burning emanating from the engine area. Open up the engine cover, I noticed a top/cap is missing. Is it safe to drive til it’s replaced?
  2. 18 inch wheels...How does your car ride?

    MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    Front. 17x8. +40 offset tire 215/40 Rear. 18x9.5 +40 offset tire 245/35
  3. Cat deleting

    MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    Thanks for the input.
  4. Clutch pedal

    MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    New Exedy clutch and PP installed 3k ago. Lately, the clutch pedal feels really stiff almost like the NA pedal stiffness. Is it possible the 2 springs on the pedal worn out?
  5. Dyno time

    3SGTE Turbo
    Can anyone recommend a speed shop for a simple Dyno runs in So Cal Inland Empire area. I just wanna know what I have under my engine bay cover. Not a track car so no over the top upgrades. Stock motor with billet wheel CT26.
  6. Cruise control

    3SGTE Turbo
  7. Cruise control

    3SGTE Turbo
    without the clutch switch, will the Cruise control works?
  8. Cruise control

    3SGTE Turbo
    Yes, I tried another set of harness from the passenger kick panel to the CC actuator still no continuity. I will check the speed sensor next.
  9. Cruise control

    3SGTE Turbo
    Is there a fuse or relay for the Cruise Control? I am not getting any power at the actuator? I got the cruise light in the dash.
  10. 3rd Gear grinds

    MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    Lack of oil definitely.
  11. Fuel cut

    3SGTE Turbo
    Lesson learned.
  12. Need A SMOG? kday's smog thread

    SoCal MOC
    I don’t need smog right now but sure like to use your shop when I’m due for one.
  13. Fuel cut

    3SGTE Turbo
    Is this the boost sensor?
  14. Fuel cut

    3SGTE Turbo
    This question is prolly been answered in the past. Is it a good idea to hard wired the Fuel pump straight from the batter with an ignition Relay? I’m doing this with reasons 1)Fuel cut kill switch (poor man immobilizer) and 2) to eliminate the ECU fuel cut when over boosting. Also, I don’t...
  15. 3rd Gear grinds

    MKII, 90-99 NA & Turbo
    Before the gear oil change, there was rattling noise, it’d go away when step on the clutch. I thought it was from the TO bearing. After filled up with fresh Red Line gear oil, the noise is gone.