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New Member Introductions

Are you new to MR2OC? Post up an introduction to yourself, and meet new members in this section.
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Home Page News

Mods and Admins postings for homepage
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National & Regional MR2 Events


Regional & National Event information. Please check here for events in your area.
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Performance and Repair Garage

General MR2 Discussion

General talk and discussions about the Toyota MR2.
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MKIV MR2 - The future?

Discussion and tech for a future Toyota MR2 using hybrid technology.
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V6 MR2 Forum

A forum devoted to the V6 and how you can fit one into an MR2.
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V8 MR2 Forum

A forum devoted to theory, building, and help with building the big boys toys. Yes... you too can have a V8.
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Electric MR2s

Hybids, Parallel / Series, Solar. Everything you ever wanted to know. When the gas runs out, this will be the popular forum. Start now!
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Kit Car MR2s

Kit cars, home builts, & race cars utilizing parts and pieces from Toyota MR2s. We don't mean engine swaps, look here for complete new chassis design and race car build-ups!
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Alternative Fuels Forum

Discussions of converting, tuning, and making of alternative fueled Toyota MR2s. Discussions include E10/E85, Electric, Steam, Hybrid Technologies and Fuel Cells.
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Emissions Control Forum

Upgrades, repairs and general discussion of emissions control systems for all generations of the Toyota MR2.
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Dyno Discussions and Postings

Chassis & Engine Dyno Information, questions, testing, results, and locations.
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Shop Talk

Aerodynamics Forum

Want to learn about how to create less lift on your street MR2? Then this is the place!
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How To Videos

Ever wanted to see how something was done? Do you learn stuff better by watching? Well here is the place to be!
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DIY & Fabrication Corner

How to make the fastest MR2 in the world by only using a 2x4 of pine and a jar of pickles. From welding to duct tape, this is the place to learn new tips & tricks.
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Tool Chest

Tools: You have a car? Now you need tools. What works, and what doesn't. Basic vs. Advanced. Where to get the deals on tools? Cheap tools? Tricks and Cheats? Look here!
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After Market Engine Management

Have questions, or answers, or just want to learn about aftermarket engine management systems for the MR2? This forum is not model specific, includes 1984 - present MR2s and MR2 Spyders.
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Nitrous Oxide - The other go-fast gas

Come inside to read and ask questions regarding n2o and its pro's and con's! Not sure how to install it on your car? How high shot should you be attempting? Ask away inside
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Q&A on car audio and security, install tips and tricks, what's new on the market!
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From candles to HIDs. Have questions about lights? Want to know what is best for the night, or what is legal, or what is just cool? Look no further... come on in, the lights are on!
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Q&A on wheels and tires.
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Restoration Forum

Discussion and technical information on how to return your MR2 to factory showroom condition.
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Paint & Body Shop

Need help and info on the best way to apply that Krylon to your Two? Or how to remove that small dent? Here is the place.
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In-Car Video Forum

General info on connecting cameras on, in and around your MR2. Film your trackday laps, review your 1/4 mile runs, or record your fast road weekend runs. How and where to mount cameras, technical details on video processing.
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Composite Material Discussions

From Fibreglass to Kevlar....
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Show & Shine

What are the best detailing methods, tips on how to win, newest body kits on the market, and more! Respect is mandatory!
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Trailers & Towing

As our cars get older, as you get bolder with your tuning, it becomes neccessary to start towing your race car or show car. Maybe you are like me where your wife just got tired of picking you up when your car broke. Have a question about towing.. ask
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Automotive Engineering Forums Higher level discussions of design, theory and application of automotive systems. This is not a help forum. This forum section is designed to stimulate discussion and learning of automotive systems.


Read this forum first before proceeding on to the AEF Sub-Forums
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AEF - Engine & Powertrain

Turbocharging, alternative powertrain, air, fuel and performance, CFD for engine tuning, component design and characteristics and engine tuning.
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AEF - Suspension & Chassis

Suspension and vehicle dynamics, brakes, aerodynamics and CFD, materials and fabrication, data aquisition and tires.
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AEF - Formula SAE Forum

Do you participate in the Formula SAE? Wanna know how you can join in the fun? Did you know the Formula SAE is off-road as well as on-road? Join in on the fun of learning Automotive Engineering!
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Racers Forum

Safety Equipment

This forum is used to discuss different safety equipment issues, including fire suits, helmets, belts, roll bars, etc
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24 Hours of Lemons / ChumpCar Series

Voulez avoir la p?riode de votre vie ? Les 24 heures des citrons est l'endroit ? ?tre ! Tell us about your build, your team and your 200mph duct tape! make certain to include a jar of pickles!
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Auto-X info for racers all over the country. This is where to share and ask questions regarding setup, racing techniques and anything else Auto-X related.
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Pro Rally, Club Rally, Road Rally. Rally-X, Time - Distance - Speed. Have fun in your MR2 on and off the road!
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Road Racing

This is the place to talk road racing, tracks, techniques, etc.
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Top Speed Challenge

From Bonneville to Maxton - Have the need for speed? Shoot for 200 MPH here!
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Drag Racing

Want to brag about your ? mile? Tell us about your track secrets? Describe the proper way to do a burnout? Try here.
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Drifters Anonymous

A forum for all the sideways racers.
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Classifieds Section

READ FIRST!!!!! - Buyers/Sellers Feedback

This forum is to rate buyers/sellers of MR2 related products. Post your warnings to protect others. Have a good buy/sell story? Post it here too...
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MR2 Product Reviews

Have you bought some parts or accessories for your MR2 that you are happy or sad about? Share your experiences here. NO FLAMES!
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E-Bay MR2 Listings - Cars & Parts

ONLY MR2 Cars & Parts links please. Any other links will be deleted. Discussions are okay.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

Open to authorized MR2OC companies. Look here to find the latest ads. Unauthorized ads will be deleted. Group Buys can only be started by Authorized Vendors.
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Community Help section
Off Topic Section

Gran Turismo

A forum dedicated to the latest in the PlayStation Grand Turismo series.
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Automotive Multimedia

A Forum to showcase Automotive Multimedia - From Conecams to Photoshop to Fonts to Digital Stills - Need help instead? Look here
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All Cars Not MR2s

Want to talk, ask a question about a car other than an MR2. Well here is the place!
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