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That loud clickin sound was your ac clutch relay triggering. Next thing happened probably is your compressor seized. IDK.

PS. Let me try to be more helpful. With the car shut off, unplug the compressor from the harness. Then take a 12v power source and power the a/c clutch directly through its connector. The clutch should click audibly or you might even see the wheel move. This tells you whether it is working or not. If not working then remove and replace the compressor. If working continue.

Next grab yourself an ac manifold gauge and hook it up to the hi side and lo side fittings in the frunk. Turn the car on and turn the ac on then read the pressures. This will tell you if you have any refrigerant in the system. If not enough refrigerant, recharge.

If you have refrigerant and your compressor is ok then you proceed to troubleshooting hell. Can't help you with this. Consult the BGB. I would personally start with jumpering the ac clutch relay to force the system on. When you do this you can also force the ac fans on by disconnecting the radiator temp sensor from the harness. You will have makeshift ac. Better than no ac at all.

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