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Originally Posted by immorality View Post
I don't know why it's not on the US site, but Yokohama Canada is already listing and selling the Advan Fleva V701. They are available in 215/40/17 & 255/40/17 among others, but no 245/40/17. They are rated at 300-AA-A, which I think it a little more aggressive than the S.Drive, but that tire was an ancient design and should have been replaced a long time ago.
I'm seeing these on Tirerack now, too! In the right sizes. Great news. I'm a little bummed that pretty soon I won't be able to replace a single damaged tire without replacing the whole set, but at least we've still got two Ultra High Performance Summer options that can be run in the cold in a pinch, as opposed to stuff that's really not at all suitable for colder weather.
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