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Originally Posted by Gouky View Post
Do you have a good way to log those to text instead?
I made some logs of acceleration runs trying to hold the pedal as much as possible at a fixed position for each run. The raw log file is attached. I did all these runs in 2nd gear. I chose a fixed gear to make it possible to sweep as much as possible of the rpm range on each run.

I made some visualizations based on the log.

The first is load (y-axis) vs rpm (x-axis) with the curves segmented by pedal position (z-axis/color).

The second is MAF (y-axis) vs rpm (x-axis) with the curves segmented by pedal position (z-axis/color).

Note that the pedal position is "Pedal Position E" in the OBD2 variables and it has a range of about 32 (no pedal pressure) to 86 (pedal to floor).

The third is very simple just speed versus rpm but it gives something interesting it shows the effect of the torque converter lockup which I found pretty edifying. I'll let people draw their own conclusions.

The final chart is Throttle Position versus Pedal Position segmented by MAF. Two interesting things in this chart: The concentrations of points in the form of "dots" correspond to the approximate fixed pedal positions that I attempted. And the second interesting thing is I did not get enough data collected at high pedal positions so I'll be repeating and adding more data soon. But the thing is, this is not showing much segmentation of the throttle versus pedal aside from scatter, which is kinda what I intuited and commented on in a previous post.
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