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Originally Posted by Alex W View Post
As far as I can tell, "Pedal Position D" and "Pedal Position E" are the actual outputs from the pedal. They should show the same data with a different scale. "Throttle position (manifold)" is the one I usually use for throttle blade position. There are a couple of other "throttle position" PID's, and from what I have seen they seem to track with the "manifold" PID, so I don't usually bother with them
We'll see this better when I have logs, but from looking at the road test video, for pedal D and pedal E

min max range
D 15.7 69.4 53.7
E 32.2 85.9 54

min is at idle, max is at WOT.

This is consistent with engine off.

min max range
D 15.7 69.9 54.2
E 32.2 85.5 53.3

Discrepancies can be attributed to de-synchronization of PID's. So it appears the two pedal signals move in tandem, they appear to have the same scale (or at least same range), but different offset.

The blade position tracks consistently with these pedal positions and it seems the same relationship with engine running or engine off. Just by eyeballing the videos I could give you a preliminary rough transfer function. I'll save that for when we have some numbers to work with.
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