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I got my Jimi bracket from a guy in the U.K. You could get the CC to work with it if you use a FWD throttle body and do a little fab work with the bracket and cable.
Aluminum oil caps are out there, lo a ebay.
Some smog shops will give you a bad time n those silicone vac lines. They consider it a "modification" here in Cali.. Some of the CHP will ticket you on it as well. Assinine!(misspelled purposely) So make sure to inquire about them ahead of time.
Wrinkle finish look good, but is hell to clean without taking it off. Consider powder coating instead. I paid 30 bucks to do a set of mine, not wrinkle though. They held up to pressure washing and the degreasers I used.
Might look into a little wire tuck as well.
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