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Cleaning Up My Engine Bay

I have an '85 MR2, bluetop 4A-GE with A/C and cruise control. I want to clean up the engine bay and make it look pretty and presentable. My car does have A/C and cruise control though.

What I was thinking so far is painting the rocker covers with wrinkle red (since my exterior is red), new oil cap and cleaning up all of my vacuum lines and routing everything nicely (maybe some aftermarket plug wires) and getting the Jimi throttle bracket that everyone seems to love. I have cruise control, (and I do use it sometimes) so having that throttle bracket would mean I wouldn't have any way of having the cruise control hooked up. I'm honestly fine with just deleting the cruise control system though, I don't use it that often and I could even make a buck selling the system.

I also want to get a new set of silicone vacuum lines, but where I have no idea. I don't even know the right size or if there is a kit for the MK1 MR2.

So, I just need some help finding a proper vacuum line set (preferably in red), a new oil cap (black or red, aluminum would be nice), what kind of paint I should use (I hear VHT has a wrinkle red), and where I can get a Jimi bracket.

Any help would be great.

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