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I think it would depend on the size of the fitting on the intake pipe. If you are using the stock turbo to afm or an aftermarket one like the ko racing. I would measure the fitting on the intake pipe. You have a choice of the Tial outlet fitting of 25.4mm, 29mm, 34mm, 38.1mm. if the fitting on your intake pipe is 25mm I would buy the Tial 25mm option and then buy a 25mm ID silicone hose because it is a bit more flexible or go to Napa and buy a rubber hose that has similar bends to the position of the BOV and intake pipe. When I replaced my intake pipe I had to get rid of the stock BOV outlet tube and I just picked up a hose from Napa that was long and had a 90 degree bend and two hose clamps and it worked fine.
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