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Newbie to Mr2s

I just recently obtained an 86 Mr2 automatic. The odometer reads 89K miles. Looks real good, great power. But after reading this forum a bit, I find I have a very common problem. Automatic transmission OD shifting problems.
After getting the car, first thing we did was have the timing belt and water pump changed. Then the next day, took it out for an extended drive. Found that it did not change into overdrive until about 10 miles away. It changed back and forth until we were about 5 miles away from home and after having to let up off the throttle for a second, it downshifted into 3rd, and stayed there until we got home. It downshifted into 1st and 2nd when coming to a stop, but it never would shift back into OD.
Another problem, the temp gauge doesnt work. Dont know yet whether it's the gauge itself or maybe a wire unplugged/broken.
I have read that Redline ATF is best, a 75-90 wt. Would this be correct?
What are your suggestions to resolve this shifting issue and gauge issue? Thanks and looking forward to learning more. We are hoping to possibly compete in either AutoX or regional Hill Climbs with this car.
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